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15463Re: [Pali] The New Pali Course Part III [47/120]

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Jun 1, 2011
      Dear Bryan,
      Thank you. Warder also deals with middle forms, but it is not often
      used. So it is optative.
      Op 1-jun-2011, om 4:08 heeft Bryan Levman het volgende geschreven:

      > However, the form I gave you is for the second plural optative -
      > sorry! my mistake - there is no middle form for second person
      > plural for the verb "as", there is only a middle form for 1st
      > person plural (asmase or amhaase) and third person plural (sante).
      > Usually the middle voice is used for verbs that are self-reflexive
      > (like manyate in Skt. "he thinks" which is only used in the middle;
      > however in Paali it takes normal active endings) but it has largely
      > fallen out of use in Paali except for the gaathaas, ("only in the
      > gaathhas" for the verb "as" Geiger says in this section).

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