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14689Re: [Pali] Re: Pali Skype Group

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  • Gunnar Gällmo
    May 1, 2010
      -- Den sön 2010-05-02 skrev Lennart Lopin <novalis78@...>:

      <I agree and it will definitely happen. Books like "Lingua Latina" teaching
      Latin with the direct method had a tremendous impact on reviving Latin and
      if you happen to watch some of their videos on youtube it is amazing to see
      people mastering the skills to express themselves colloquially using Latin -
      many of whom now see the Latin language from a much more natural
      context-rich point of view which helped their studies...>

      The basis is different, though. Pali is much more specialized. Both Latin and Sanskrit have been used by several religious/philosophical schools, as well as for secular purposes, but all Pali literature is in some way connected with Theravada Buddhism.

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