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14157Re: About the thread of Relational Grammar

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  • ashinpan
    Dec 3, 2009
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      George Bedell wrote:

      > Please add my name to the list of those interested in 'Relational Grammar'. I found your examples (posted the same day) concerning Saddaniiti 869 of interest, and I would like to see the paper on Pali tools you mention.

      Thanks for showing your interest in my paper. Now I am editing the paper (mainly to clean up the citations) and I will upload it when it is ready.

      > I have looked over the file 'Basic Relational Grammar', and a >couple of questions come to mind:
      > (i) What is the relation, if any, between your Relational Grammar and the 'Relational Grammar' proposed by David Perlmutter and Paul Postal in the USA and developed into a large literature in the 1970s and 1980s?

      No relation whatsoever. I coined the term "relational grammar" in (2002) while teaching at ITBMU as a rendition of the Burmese term "caacap"; I did not know that that term had been already in use in the field of linguistics.

      > (ii) What role does Relational Grammar play in your analysis of the examples you gave to explain the term tulyaadhikara.ne? I could not find the term 'substratum' in your outline.

      I used the concept when I described the "identical adjectives" but not the term. But I like Jim's term 'substratum' to render the Pali term 'adhikara.na'.

      with metta

      Ven. Pandita
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