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14156Re: [Pali] About the thread of Relational Grammar

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  • George Bedell
    Dec 2 4:17 AM
      Ven. Pa.n.dita,

      Please add my name to the list of those interested in 'Relational Grammar'. I found your examples (posted the same day) concerning Saddaniiti 869 of interest, and I would like to see the paper on Pali tools you mention. I have looked over the file 'Basic Relational Grammar', and a couple of questions come to mind:

      (i) What is the relation, if any, between your Relational Grammar and the 'Relational Grammar' proposed by David Perlmutter and Paul Postal in the USA and developed into a large literature in the 1970s and 1980s?

      (ii) What role does Relational Grammar play in your analysis of the examples you gave to explain the term tulyaadhikara.ne? I could not find the term 'substratum' in your outline.
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      George Bedell
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      From: ashinpan <ashinpan@...>
      To: Pali@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 11:21:24
      Subject: [Pali] About the thread of Relational Grammar

      Dear Nina

      You wrote:

      > I think we should take up the thread of Relational Grammar and
      > compounds. I kept them in my private files. I find the abrevations
      > difficult to read and I would like more examples, if possible one
      > small part at a time. What I learnt from you is that we have to be careful not to project our notions of English grammar unto the Pali text and I always found that the idea of relational grammar makes sense.

      Thanks for your appreciation. The best way to learn Relational Grammar, in my experience of teaching it, is to use it; the teacher can follow up with corrections and explanations. At first, even simple sentences may be baffling; the real benefits will come only later when you have firmly grasped the underlying concept.

      I would like firstly to edit and upload one paper that I have published in the Journal of the Post Graduate of Pali and Buddhist Studies (Sri Lanka). It is entitled "Two Traditional Pali Tools in Burma", which discusses the Relational Grammar and Thematic Units (another concept not found outside Burma). Then we can think about how to make Relational Grammar learnable in an online environment.

      > Meanwhile, in your absence, the Saddaniiti studies have come into
      > being. Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you. I think I can attempt to contribute immediately to Saddaniiti studies.

      with metta

      Ven. Pandita

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