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12729Re: [Pali] SN 1,1

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  • Jim Anderson
    Aug 1, 2008
      Dear Nina abd Sabrina,

      Instead of the insertion of v which would be called an "aagama", one should
      follow Kaccaayana's rule 18 (vamodantaana.m) where, in some cases, v is the
      substitute (aadesa) of o or u at the end of a word and before a following
      vowel. The lengthening of a in aaha.m is correct (Kacc 15).

      Best wishes,

      << Dear Sabrina,
      > khvaaha.m: kho+ aha.m
      Kho is a particle for emphasis, transl. as: indeed.
      Here a consonant is inserted between two vowels. A final o (kho)
      followed by a: insertion of v. and then lenghtening of a: aaha.m.
      I use Warder (Ch 23) for my Pali. see also: kho+ ettha-> khvettha. >>
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