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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Jun 10, 2008
      Dear Gabriel,
      Op 9-jun-2008, om 15:49 heeft Gabriel Jaeger het volgende geschreven:

      > As for the kind answer of Nina, I would like to ask if there is an
      > pali
      > source for the passage posted regarding the meaning of Buddha from the
      > Paramatthajotik�?
      What I mean is if is available this passage in pali transliterated
      N: I only have the English: Minor readings and Illustrator, P.T.S.
      Thus, this is the Khuddakapaa.tha and Commentary.
      It is taken from the first sutta: the Three Refuges.
      Thank you for your analysis, giving different languages.
      You write: <If you ask a Sanskrit pandit what this means, he will
      probably refer you to
      the Paniniya-dhatu-kosa, which gives a one-word meaning for each verb
      For �buddh�, it gives �avagamana�. The basic meaning of avagamana is
      �realization�. >
      Very interesting. I read in the Commentary to the Khuddakapaa.tha : <
      And as to this quotation, [the active and middle voice usage] 'he is
      the discoverer of the Truths, thus he is enlightened [bujjhitaa
      saccanii ti buddho]' is stated in the same way as in the world
      [outside the Dispensation] a 'descender into
      (understander)' (avagantaa) is called a 'descended one
      (understood)' (avagato)....>
      Perhaps you can find the complete Pali text on metta net? Under
      Khuddakapaa.tha ?


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