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12510Re: [Pali] Group database

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  • johan wijaya
    Apr 10, 2008
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      Dear Yong Peng,

      Is it ok to list the Pali-Latin--English translation(s) that were asked the other time? As these translations are not in the 'sutta translation exercises' like you mentioned, I encourage myself to ask before adding the record.

      With Metta,

      Ong Yong Peng <pali.smith@...> wrote: Dear friends,

      I have always wanted to create a list of all the sutta translation
      exercises we have undertaken. Due to a lack of time, this task has
      been shelved for quite a while.

      After deliberate considerations, I decided that the task may as well
      be a group's project. As such, I have created a table in the group


      As part of Yahoo!'s policy, the group's database is a member-only
      feature. I have set it to the "open-user" option, which allows members
      to access the table and add records. To do so, a member will require a
      Yahoo! login, which is another Yahoo! policy.

      Please use this table to enter the group's Pali-to-English sutta
      translations only, not links to external sites, or any other messages
      in the archive.

      Once completed, the table can be downloaded as a csv document.

      I look forward to members voluntarily making entries to the table, and
      also making good use of it in the not very distant future. Thank you.

      Yong Peng.


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