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12077Re: [Pali] Problem with Warder Chapter 9

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Feb 1, 2008
      Dear Nathalie,
      Op 30-jan-2008, om 6:24 heeft natalie_indeed het volgende geschreven:

      > I am having trouble with Warder's English to Pali exercise in chapter
      > 9. The sentence is: "Taking a garland they went to the hall."
      > I rendered it thus: "maalaa harantaa saala.m apakammimsu."
      > My answer key says this: "maala.m aadaaya yena saalaa ten'
      > upasa.mkamimsu."
      Nina: Jim, a Pali scholar on our list, wrote to me:
      <I was looking into Natalie's question about 'yena saalaa tena...'
      to Sp I 128, there is another interpretation besides yattha saalaa
      tattha. .
      . that could apply, i.e., yena kaara.nena saalaa upasa"nkamitabbaa, tena
      kaara.nena upasa"nkami.msu = lit. for whatever reason the hall is to be
      gone to, for that reason they went.>
      Sp. is Saaratthappakaasinii, the Co. to the Kindred Sayings.

      upasa"nkamitabbaa is a passive form, note the ending: abbaa. Thus,
      the subject of it is nominative. kaara.na is reason or cause.

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