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11694Re: [Pali] converstational pali

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  • Noah Yuttadhammo
    Oct 1, 2007
      > Would this phrase be translated as "Sir, may honour/good fortune be
      > granted to you by comming here?"

      Dear John,

      No, I don't think so. "bhaddaka.m" is a visesana of kamma.m, which is

      > bhante, bhaddaka.m vo kata.m (kamma.m) idhaagacchantehi (tumhehi)
      "bhante"=venerable sir, "tumhehi"=by you "aagacchantehi"=one who comes
      "bhaddaka.m"=a heightened (lit: developed?) "kamma.m"=action
      "kata.m"=has been done.

      Best wishes,

      Yuttadhammo (Phra Noah)

      ps: I would suggest either "Yuttadhammo" or "Phra Noah" as an address.
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