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1144Re[2]: 'Sugata' (was: [Pali] MN 62: Mahaaraahulovaada sutta.m [4]

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    Sep 1, 2002
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      One more gloss:

      Mulapannasa-Atthakatha 2.386

      Sugataati su.t.thugataa suppa.tipannaa kaarakaa yuttapayuttaa.
      Evaruupaapi hi ekacce bhikkhuu atthi. Duggataati du.t.thugataa
      duppa.tipannaa kaayada.lhibahulaa vissa.t.thakamma.t.thaanaa.
      Evaruupaapi ekacce atthi.

      "Well-gone, intent on going (practising) well (by the good way)."

      However su.t.thu is a usual commentarial explanation of the prefix su-.

      Robert Eddison wrote:
      RE> Buddhaghosa gives four glosses on Sugata in his Visuddhimagga:

      RE> He is called Sugata...
      RE> sobhana-gamanattaa -- because of a beautiful manner of going.
      RE> sundara.m .thaana.m gatattaa -- because of having gone to a beautiful place.
      RE> sammaa gatattaa -- because of having gone rightly.
      RE> sammaa gadattaa -- because of enunciating rightly.

      RE> (For a fuller treatment of these see Path of Purification VII 33)

      RE> and a similar set of four in his commentaries to the Khuddakapaa.tha and
      RE> Suttanipaata:

      RE> sobhanena gamanena yuttattaa -- because of being conjoined to a beautiful
      RE> manner of going.
      RE> sobhana.m .thaana.m gatattaa -- because of having gone to a beautiful place.
      RE> su.t.thu gatattaa -- because of having gone the best [way].
      RE> su.t.thu eva gadattaa -- because of enuciating only the best.