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  • Scott Duncan
    Aug 3, 2006
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      Dear Biloo,

      B: "Your questions are superb."

      Thank you so much. I appreciate the answers even more!

      B: "Firstly Jhanna is a cognate of a Sanskrit word yoJana, more at
      concentration that absorption."

      So, this would mean that one could maintain "concentration" without
      having to remain "absorbed."

      B: "Pertaining to your question," I thought there must be other
      senses such that one could be in it while going thru one's day."
      Here is how yoJana is defined:

      yoJana = n. joining , yoking , harnessing Pa1rGr2. Hariv. ; that
      which is yoked or harnessed , a team , vehicle (also applied to the
      hymns and prayers addressed to the gods) RV. ; course , path ib. ;
      (sometimes m. ; ifc. f. %{A}) a stage or Yojana (i.e. a distance
      traversed in one harnessing or without unyoking ; esp. a partic.
      measure of distance , sometimes regarded as equal to 4 or 5 English
      miles , but more correctly = 4 Kros3as or about 9 miles ; according to
      other calculations = 2 1/2 English miles , and according to some = 8
      Kros3as) RV. &c. &c. ; instigation , stimulation Sa1h. ; mental
      concentration , abstraction , directing the thoughts to one point (=
      %{yoga}) Up. ; the Supreme Spirit of the Universe (= %{paramA7tman})
      L. ; a finger L. ; n. and (%{A}) f. use , application , arrangement ,
      preparation RV. Ka1tyS3r. MBh. Sa1h. ; erecting , constructing ,
      building Ra1jat. Katha1s. ; junction , union , combination Sa1h.
      Veda7ntas. ; (%{A}) f. application of the sense of a passage,
      grammatical construction S3am2k."

      Thank you. How does one reconcile the two different words? How much
      of the sanskrit does the cognate contain, if you know what I mean?
      That is, how much of the meaning of the cognate is one to read into
      the meaning of the derivative? It does seem to help one fix the
      meaning, in this case, in a way that makes sense: one can concentrate
      and carry on living and thinking much more sensibly than can one while
      deeply absorbed in one of the jhaana-states. Is the sense, then, more
      like that of sati or satipa.t.thaana?


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