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10639Re: AN 1.6

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  • Scott Duncan
    Aug 2, 2006

      P: "This is ver[y] interesting: could there be two possible senses of
      jhaana (meditation, as is jhayatha bhikkhave, as dhyana or absorption)?

      "How can we know the context?"

      Forgive me, I'm a total beginner and so can't say much. I think I was
      looking at the Paali because I can't makes sense of what seemed to be
      the instruction to remain in "jhaana" all the time. Understood as
      "jhaana" as the meditative absorption, which I also understand
      precludes discursive thought when so absorbed, I couldn't understand.
      I thought there must be other senses of jhaana, then, such that one
      could be "in" it while going through one's day.


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