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10556Re: [Pali] pronouncing ññ and .t.t

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  • rett
    Jul 1, 2006
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      2006-07-01 kl. 00.35 skrev Paul Allan:

      > Does one pronounce ññ (as in Dhp. 165: "n' aañño añña'm visodhaye") by
      > doubling the length of time used to pronounce a single consonant? On
      > the other hand, .t.t. (a.t.tha, di.t.thi) requires a staccato sound,
      > correct?
      > Thanks,

      I''m not sure what you mean by staccato, but with .t.t or other doubled
      stops you get the speech organs into position (thereby stopping the air
      flow in the mouth) then hesitate before releasing the sound. Like the
      two t-s in: fat tank.

      best regards,

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