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10287Re: [Pali] Thai: samnak song

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  • nina van gorkom
    Apr 1 10:38 AM
      Venerable Sritantra,

      op 01-04-2006 05:57 schreef sritantra op sritantra@...:

      > Now as for "song", according to at least one monastic Thai-speaker it
      > is a colloquialization (or linguistic alteration) of Sk/P sangha. I
      > would appreciate any verification or refutation of this.
      > In brief, does anybody have any clear idea as to the derivation
      > of "samnak"? Being of two syllables, my instincts tell me that it
      > must be Sanskrit/Pali in origin.
      N: yes, song is sangha, community.
      samnak I recall: a center. Samnak patibat, a meditation center.
      With respect,
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