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10283Re: [Pali] Where to order the Tipitaka and commentaries in Thai characters

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  • Khemaramsi
    Apr 1, 2006
      Dear Nina

      Many thanks for your valuable information. Is there a
      possibility that we could order these books through
      phone or email? Do you know any way to contact the
      library ? Or the only way to get these books is flying
      to Bangkok ourselves?

      with metta

      Tzung Kuen

      --- nina van gorkom <vangorko@...> 說:

      Dear Tzung Kuen,
      I bought my copies at the Mahaamongkut university
      library, Sumera road,
      opposite the Temple Bovornives, in Bangkok.
      Lately they were less complete in their stock, but one
      can order.
      Each sutta is followed by its commentary.
      op 31-03-2006 04:27 schreef Khemaramsi op

      > Could you provide me whith the informaion on where
      > order a set of the Tipitaka and it's commentaries in
      > Thai characters, as well as their Siamese
      > translations?

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