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  • sritantra
    Mar 31, 2006
      Greetings to all group members,

      I am a first time poster here.

      Though seriously engaged in broad ascetic research, I must confess
      that my knowledge of both Pali and Thai languages is rudimentary at
      best. Thus I seek assistance.

      A specific question confronts me here. This regards what seems to me
      a very curious Thai word that I believe is derived from Pali.

      The Thai expression is "samnak song", or 'religious hermitage'. This
      normally indicates a monastic organization that falls outside the
      greater centrally regulated Sangha - that is, a 'retreat centre' that
      does not have [often in the sense of 'lacking'] a consecrated area
      or "main hall" (Thai: bot) or sIma 'boundary' for conducting formal
      ecclesiastical/legal acts, etc.

      Now as for "song", according to at least one monastic Thai-speaker it
      is a colloquialization (or linguistic alteration) of Sk/P sangha. I
      would appreciate any verification or refutation of this.

      In brief, does anybody have any clear idea as to the derivation
      of "samnak"? Being of two syllables, my instincts tell me that it
      must be Sanskrit/Pali in origin. Finally, as for "song" - well, this
      is simply the natural follow-on question.

      With much metta,

      Jasmine Hermitage, Singapore
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