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UPDATED - Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming

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  • Jonathan Mark
    Flyby News Alert UPDATED - Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming 11 August 2008 - www.Flybyews.com Re:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2008
      Flyby News Alert
      UPDATED - Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming
      11 August 2008 - www.Flybyews.com
      Re: http://www.reuters.com/article/environmentNews/idUSL154123720080801

      Note: Another very important study came out about Global Warming that confirms our earlier reporting that the melting and warming of the ocean could produce a deep freeze that could take hold suddenly, (within one year's time!) based on a study of what happened exactly 12,679 years ago. Two articles have been added to the FN resource page: Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming,



      A grounded bird
      Perched feet from sheer faces,
      Freefalls and deadly drops
      Flying on jutted thrusts of rock
      I suddenly feel boreal
      And pseudo-alpine.

      The wind rustles steadily
      In lower reaches of this chasm,
      this monstrous ravine.
      Clouds puff and duplicate
      In the sun's constant spread.

      Mountains engage the eye
      From every dimension
      Beyond the third
      Into a timeless fourth.
      Time eased away
      In the day's anxiousness.
      Next is annexed to now
      You are the impermanence of moment.

      Ned Green wrote this beautiful poem on the Appalachian Trail in his Journal in 1997.
      On February 18, 2001, at only 26, doing what he loved most, climbing, his support on an
      ice ledge gave way where he fell into a deep chasm on Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.

      The following resources on Global Warming were posted beginning February 22, 2002, with an article about widespread environmental change over the Arctic. It makes sense to lessen the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The US government's energy policies push for another sort of an agenda, one that adds money to their bank accounts with no regard to the environment. However, it could benefit everyone by reducing pollution from entering our atmosphere. One way could be in the development of a 19th Century invention to convert processed heat into clean electrical power. Scientists also need to discover and promote ways for carbon sinks, absorbing carbon back from the atmosphere into the Earth. The slash and burn raising of livestock needs to end; eating a vegetable-based diet helps; and overcoming a fascist government that has misinterpreted the US Constitution for power, greed, and fear-intention-betrayal.

      In summer 2000, an international team of scientists led by Serreze released
      results of a study documenting widespread environmental changes over the Arctic.

      To read the article published by Space.com, see:
      Scientists Say Polar Warming Continues With Ice Mass Losses

      News Flash! ! !

      This came in 20 March 2002 on the vernal equinox:

      An Antarctic ice shelf that was 200 metres thick
      and had a surface area of 3,250 square kilometres
      has broken apart in less than a month.

      "We knew what was left would collapse eventually,
      but the speed of it is staggering,"

      -- Dr David Vaughan
      Glaciologist at the Bas in Cambridge.

      "[It is hard] to believe that 500 billion tonnes of
      ice sheet has disintegrated in less than a month."

      The full article, with graphics and maps, is located at

      For related information and article, see editor's notes and item 1
      Collapsing the doubts on warming - posted 25 March 2002.

      The Day After Tomorrow?

      The present state of the 'ocean conveyor belt'
      that transfers warm, less salty water from the
      Pacific to the Atlantic as a shallow current, and
      returns cold, more salty water from the Atlantic to
      the Pacific as a deep current flowing further south.
      This flow is threatened by melting ice in the Arctic,
      and disruptions off the Antarctic coast.

      See following link for a photo and more on this critical concern!
      Ocean Forces Threaten Our Climate

      UPDATED - August, 2008:
      Scientists Astounded by Speed of Deep Freeze
      It's one of the most dramatic examples of climate change in Earth's history,
      and scientists now say it happened almost entirely in one year's time.
      Climate chill came exactly 12,679 years ago: study
      The study, of pollens, minerals and other matter
      deposited in annual layers at the bottom of Lake
      Meerfelder Maar in Germany, pinpointed an abrupt
      change in sediments consistent with a
      sudden chill over just one year.

      The world's largest frozen peat bog
      is thawing for the first time in 11,000 years
      (since it was formed at the end of the last ice age).
      This bog in western Siberia, the size of France and Germany
      combined, could release "billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas."

      Warming Hits 'Tipping Point'
      Originally published August 11, 2005 by the Guardian/UK

      For FN's resource page on this issue, see:
      Mounting Evidence of Extreme Global Warming

      Flyby News is nonviolent in focus, and has supported critical campaigns
      for a healthy environment, human rights, justice, and peace,
      since the launching of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997.

      =====News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era====>

      = = = = = www.FlybyNews.com = = = = =

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