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Re: ABCNEWS.com: Troubling Signs of Climate Change Seen in A rctic

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  • Pat N self only
    ... I don t know anything more than shown below. Pat N Rossy B Kattesen ... ______________________________________________________ Yahoo! for Good Donate to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005
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      -- ROSA BERNABE <rossmbc@...> wrote:
      > Hello:
      > Somebody knows who is the organizer?
      > Are there some list of particpants and places where
      > will be the meeting?

      I don't know anything more than shown below.

      Pat N

      Rossy B "Kattesen"
      --- Pat N self only <npat1@...> wrote:

      > NEW IN GRIST
      > Rank and Rile
      > You have two months to get mad about global warming
      > Early this December, Montreal will host a big
      > meeting of every country that's ratified the Kyoto
      > Protocol (and a few that haven't, not that we can
      > think of any). It ought to be a wild time --
      > especially if Latvia sits next to Luxembourg again!
      > Whoo. But what's really going to make it boisterous
      > is the global-warming Action Day planned for Dec. 3.
      > If all goes well, this collection of protests in
      > Montreal and around the world will be the first step
      > in a bold new movement taking the fight against
      > climate change to the streets. Ted Glick explains
      > what's happening, and why you should get involved.
      > new in Soapbox: Rank and Rile
      > -- alypius skinner <pellarius@...> wrote:
      > (snip)

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      then our heart should be
      where our home is

      We could find ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
      If we could learn to think globally and act locally.


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