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7Re: Happy New Year 2008

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  • adri_effendi
    Jan 1, 2008
      Dear all,

      Happy New Year 2008 all pakarti 96 participants hopefully we all
      will get success better than before and make our relationship
      through PAKARTI 96 will be closer and closer. Any kind of meeting or
      amusement or whatever, I principally support it. However, it depend
      on our friend agreement and commitment to get together again about
      the place and time at least once in this year 2008. I think Anna's
      opinions should be supported by others. Thanks

      KPK Investigator

      --- In Pakarti96@yahoogroups.com, "fonna_999" <fonna_999@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Hope You all are happy today facing New Year 2008. Wish You all
      > best. Anyway, according to our discussion on the last meeting, We
      > decided to have any meeting on January which involve others
      > classmate from any region. What do You think ? Please, kindly
      > the coordinator advise to support any decision.
      > The other way, I am using english on this email. In my mind, email
      > is an media to communicate each other, besides, we can improve our
      > knowledge, skill and competences, because email is a part of
      > information technologi. So, please kindly reply this email by
      > english, as can as You do, ok.
      > Thanks and waiting for respon. Good luck and always succes.
      > Dont forget to forward any news by Pakarti96@yahoogroups.com
      > Cheer,
      > Ana
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