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Police harrassment brutality and false arrests.

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  • Rev.Toby Nixon
    *Please respond to the emails in the to line with your own comments.*   My father was Army Special Forces Green Barrett Part of the 82ND airborne division
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2009
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      *Please respond to the emails in the to line with your own comments.*


      My father was Army Special Forces Green Barrett

      Part of the 82ND airborne division and Airborne for more than 25 years.


      He trained law enforcement officers, as supervising instructor over Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi for nine years, he was the best they could ever hope for. Given the name, Best of the Best, the 82ND airborne was the greater equivalent of the S.O.C.O.M. program, which my father helped to plan and found before the Green Barrett division was decommissioned.

      He quit for instances such as this where peaceful protesters and the public, in this case a nine year old child are abused by officers for supposedly carrying rocks at a protest. My father would have called for all the officers in this instance to re-qualify as was his duty. That means that they report in give their badge and service side arms up and go through retraining after being reevaluated.


      I hate to break it to you, rock collections in the hands of small nine year old children are not only legal but common. Are San Francisco Police officers using their supposedly highly skilled training that we pay for in tax monies that are flagrantly expensive especially when San Francisco police officers are the HIGHEST PAID POLICE OFFICERS IN THE COUNTRY. I do not pay tax monies to watch police officers blatantly use their use of force without reason. I definitely do not pay taxes to watch them beat on a small child in front of my very eyes.


      My father was an expert in the use of force. He wanted to make sure that officers knew how to use this to do their job. However, when officers like the ones at the protest this Sunday use their training it makes him look bad. My father quit training Law Enforcement officers before retirement for the many instances such as this one where police officers blatantly and openly agitated protesters to goad them into threatening gestures such as what happened to Oscar Grant. I also analyzed those videos and found officers


      Officers in the Bay Area are frustrated with the usual way of doing things: They question people who they profile as criminals for being part of certain groups and dressing a certain way. Then get frustrated when all the so-called suspects of crimes that are not reported and then take these frustrations out on the innocent by using unethical means to provoke aggressive behavior such as: Calling them racial names, accusing them of crimes that have not even been committed or recorded, making threatening gestures, actual battery using pressure point techniques like the ones my father taught officers, sexual assault such as leaning into suspects with their groin while questioning them and literally running at them with weapons drawn to make them scared into running which if you do not know is a crime in itself.


      My father taught these techniques not so that police could bully innocents into criminal behavior. As it stands this behavior is not legal for police officers however, police officers are not held to the kind of professionalism that is necessary for law enforcement. Police officers who engage in these kinds of behaviors according to my Father enticed danger and made their jobs unsafe. 


      Because simply taking your frustrations out on suspects will make your job dangerous by the very nature of it. Some people will not tolerate this there are plenty of people highly trained in the use of force that will not use it. Simply because if you live by the sword you will die by the sword.


      At the protest on Sunday, I was an eyewitness to the incidents whereas the officers assaulted a Nine-year-old boy. I was also eyewitness to the officers pushing the crowd into the metal stairwell guard on the city hall side of the civic center plaza.


      I was also witness to the cajoling of the Palestinian group calling them "SAND NIGGERS" and various claims of terrorism including citing the black and white bandannas that they wore were as 'terrorist' paraphernalia or 'gang' paraphernalia. Within their personal space as threatening gestures. This action provokes violence.  


      As someone who donates regularly for these protests so that they may happen I believe that officers are upset at the causes of the protest and have personal opinions that may include racist and fascist ideals that are directly representative of the reasons why we are protesting in the first place. Our dissent is legal. Our assembly is legal. We pay for permits and we allow the police to be present because that is our agreement with the city. However if the police are going to behave this way then why are they there? Are they there to provoke incidents with peaceful protesters and the public?


      I also seen the anonymous group named 'Black Bloc' a local group of Anarchists who practice civil disobedience on a regular basis. However, when officers yell at them and call them names this provokes more civil disobedience. Like was seen at the Sunday protest against the war. However, they are not new to this type of provocation and mostly ignored it.


      I saw and heard during the march to the Civic Center plaza most of the police officers making rude comments to people marching, giving hard stares and generally attempting to provoke aggressive behavior from people attempting to assemble peaceably.


      Are San Francisco Police officers paid to provoke unsafe conditions at these, legal, permitted protests? THE ANSWER IS NO. Any idiot knows that.


      If Police officers are against the protest that makes them counter protesters and should not be allowed to work on the permitted protest and again are inciting unsafe conditions.


      I saw a woman trying to cross the street who was about 60 years old clubbed by an officer; she was trying to cross the street. I had to bring her ice.


      San Francisco Police officers also 'charged' (running at them with weapons drawn) the 'Black Bloc' group several times before being told to leave the permitted area. This group normally sits on the right side of the plaza, is not afraid of a few name-calling bullies, and could therefore not provoke them into threatening gestures.


      I mean is this the level of professionalism of San Francisco Police officers? If so then cut their pay, because I do not pay for acts of sexual assault, racist and profiling provocation and obvious blatant brutality.


      These incidents are shocking, appalling and make me sick. You need to release all the individuals arrested during the event because of POLICE BEHAVIOR and re-evaluate the way police tactics are used in these events as well as in general.


      There was a lack of media coverage, but that does not mean that name calling torturing bullies should have badges on any day especially when we call for peace. It is a call for peace, yelling, screaming, and begging, for peace. Nevertheless, we are permitted to do that. Otherwise, what are we paying for anyway?


      Should we be paying for these permits if S.F. officers are going to act in this manner? Should we be following the rules if the S.F. officers refuse to be polite and put away their personal feelings? Is this a place for them to vent their frustrations of people peaceably protesting?


      Is our money going to pay for police brutality, racial profiling, child and elder abuse, bigotry and attacks on our diversity?


      This is what I saw on Sunday. It made me sick! Sick, sick, sick!


      "A deer dance an invitation to peace when war is staring you in the face."

      "Pushing little Children with their fully automatics, they like to push the weak around."

      --Deer Dance,


      *Below is the original action alert. Please copy and send to everyone you know.*

      Immediate Action Alert from Al-Awda News

      Please make phone calls as AS SOON AS POSSIBLE using the information below to guide you! WE NEED TO STEP IT UP AND BUILD COMMUNITY POWER!


      Hi my name is ____________________________   
      I am calling about the arrests of  
      Mustafa Albouyha   
      Majdi Abu Hamdieh   
      Elizabeth Haskell   
      Mohammed Ibrahim   
      Nadeen Elshorafa   
      These individuals were wrongfully arrested while participating in a legal, peaceful march yesterday.  We are demanding that the charges be dropped immediately and that they be released to their families.   
      Make your call immediately to all of the following   
      SFPD Public Affairs   
      (415) 553-1651 (ph)   
      (415) 553-9229 (fax)   
      sfpd.online@... <mailto:sfpd.online@...>    
      SF District Attorney   
      Bureau of Investigation: (415) 553-1030   
      Public Inquiries:   
                             Erica Terry Derryck (415) 553-1167   
                             Connie Chang (415) 553-9108   
      (415) 554-6141   
      gavin.newsom@... <mailto:gavin.newsom@...>    
      If you find out any update about these arrests during your call please let us know by calling (510) 534-7933.   
      Additional calls for action are to follow.   
      Forward Widely

      March 21, 2009
                      What started off as a peaceful demonstration on March 21st, 2009 ended in severe
      police brutality and arrests of innocent young Arab Americans in the streets of San Francisco. Young Arab Americans turned out in record numbers this year compared to the last 6 years of demonstrations against the war on Iraq. They marched along with the International League of People’s  Struggles Contingent at the end of the demonstration and filled in the civic center. When an 8 year old Arab boy was grabbed by San Francisco police for allegedly carrying rocks in his backpack, young members of the Arab community intervened by first attempting to speak with police and retrieve the boy. After the police expressed an immense distaste for negotiating or discussing anything with the Arab American teenagers, a young Palestinian woman wrapped her arms around the boy to console him as he cried and to protect him from being taken by police. 

          The police agreed to allow the boy to go and the young woman and boy walked down the street. As I stared at the police, the young woman and the boy to ensure their security, I then saw a team of officers snatch the boy out of the young woman’s arms droppi ng her and another young woman immediately to the floor using batons and excessive force. As the crowd of young Arab Americans stared on an immediate sense of shock and urgency emerged in which members of the crowd tried to cross the barrier to pick up the two women off the floor and protect the young screaming child. As I ran in shock toward the child a police officer slammed the barrier with his baton about an inch away from my elbow. I then stared shocked and put my hands up as he jammed his baton across my mid section dropping me to the ground. From the ground I looked up only to find another officer slamming his baton onto the the previously broken arm of an Arab American boy. The Police were swinging batons excessively knocking down only who appeared to be of Arab descent to the ground. About ten Arab American youth were brutally attacked by police as they screamed “back up” while they surrounded the crowd of activist by a mob of officers turning the screaming, angry and fearful crowd into an enclave of police brutality. The police officers pushed the barriers hard and fast jamming them into the stomachs of the youth at the front lines.  Police arrested three and about an hour later sealed the entrances of the Civic Center Bart Station detaining six young Arab American men lining them up against a wall and later arresting them. Several youth went home injured or to the hospital in ambulances.
                      The Arab American community in the
      Bay Area is deeply saddened by this incident and is steadfast on holding those accountable for police brutality against innocent civilians. However before we can embark on this pursuit of justice, it is our responsibility to protect the civil rights of our youth and make them feel supported and understand the value of community power. The youth are in jail right now and we need to post $250,000 to release them. The money will be put up as a bond so can therefore be returned to you. We are asking for every Arab American in the San Francisco Bay Area community to contribute at least what they would for their own children. As we chanted in the demonstration today “aint no power like the power of the youth because of the power of the youth don’t stop” We are asking for you to believe in your community and support our youth in a much needed time. To loan these youth some money please contact Tev at 774-240-3403. We are trying to release them from jail this evening or tomorrow at the latest.
      Thank you for your time and attention,
      Loubna Qutami

      Video Clips on You Tube about the arrests:

      1st of 4 clips SF Cop moves in to arrest 9 year old boy

      2nd of 4  SF Protest 032109 Volunteer asks cops 4 donations

      3rd of 4 Young man arrested - cop with loaded grenade launcher

      4th of 4 The people advance, Police retreat, or viceversa



      Seeking Eyewitnesses & Video of Mar. 21 SFPD Attack;
      Demand Release of Those Arrested

      San Francisco police arrested 10 people and assaulted many more during and after a permitted March 21 rally in the Civic Center marking the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

      Dozens of people suffered bruises, cuts and other injuries in unprovoked attacks. The police particularly focused their attack on young Palestinians and other Arab Americans.

      As of this writing, eight of those arrested remain in jail, all but one facing felony charges, their average bail is set at $50,000. One of the women arrested remains hospitalized for a head injury inflicted by an SFPD officer.


      Legal Update from the National Lawyers Guild on Mar. 21 Anti-War March in S.F.

      There was a large amount of police violence at yesterday’s anti-war rally and march. The SFPD arrested ten people. Five are being held on felony Lynching and Resisting charges after a skirmish with police in the Civic Center. Their bails are $53,000 each.

      At least one woman reportedly suffered a head injury during the arrests. During the same incident SFPD also reportedly seriously injured two women who were not arrested but were hospitalized with numerous injures including reports of head trauma and multiple broken bones.

      Another five people were arrested in the BART station as the rally was ending after an incident involving pepper spray. Police arrested five Arab youths who were reportedly the victims of the pepper spraying. Two of them who were under eighteen were released to their parents; the other three are being held on Battery and Conspiracy charges also with bails of $53,000 each.

      The NLG and legal volunteers are keeping track of evidence concerning these arrests. If you witnessed the incidents or know anyone who did, please have them call the legal support hotline at 415-285-1011. The NLG will also be looking for lawyers to help with arraignments.


       David "Toby" Meyers


          (415) 724-8029
      Circumstance, Demographics and economic position have less to do with a person’s character than an ant in the manufacture of Chocolate. However, like the ant they are always trying to get the chocolate."


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