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Flying Ointment

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  • dunwich13
    Witches of the Middle Ages Made an ointment most outrageous From their belladonna planted, Poison hemlock most enchanted, Water of the
    Message 1 of 732 , Jan 4, 2000
      Witches of the Middle Ages<br>Made an ointment
      most outrageous<br>From their belladonna
      planted,<br>Poison hemlock most enchanted,<br>Water of the
      aconite,<br>Henbane, soot, and grease just right.<br>Into an ointment
      purified<br>These were made and then applied<br>To the flesh on
      Sabbat night<br>For the power to take flight<br>On a
      broomstick very quaint,<br>Free of gravity's
      restraint.<br><br>Gerina Dunwich <br>from the book "Magick Potions"(c)1998
    • tashenubaste
      Greetings everyone. Taking inspiration for a poem posted on the Legendary Cat Tails group, I wrote a poem about the incident when my Spitha was
      Message 732 of 732 , Feb 27, 2002
        Greetings everyone.<br>Taking inspiration for a
        poem posted on the "Legendary Cat Tails" <br>group, I
        wrote a poem about the incident when my Spitha was
        missing. <br>It's my first attempt of writing anything in
        rhymes, and taking into <br>considaration that english is
        not my primary language, I'm really <br>interested in
        your opinions.<br><br>Here's the
        link:<br><a href=http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=625388 target=new>http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=625388</a><br><br><br>Thanks,<br>Werecat
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