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She is

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  • amy_the_pagan
    She is By Amy M. Jones She is a dreamer. She is a lover. She is here. She is there. She is in the sea. She is in the sky. She is a
    Message 1 of 732 , Jun 3, 2001
      She is <br>By Amy M. Jones<br><br>She is a
      dreamer.<br>She is a lover.<br>She is here.<br>She is
      there.<br>She is in the sea.<br>She is in the sky.<br>She is a
      mother. <br>She is Magick.<br>She is a worker.<br>She is
      a healer.<br>She is truth.<br>She is hope.<br>She
      is faith.<br>She is love.<br>She is a widow.<br>She
      is life.<br>She is peace.<br>She is warmth.<br>She
      is harmony.<br>She is your mother.<br>She is your
      grandmother.<br>She is your sister.<br>She is your niece.<br>She is
      nature.<br>She is the world.<br>She is the galaxy.<br>She is the
      universe.<br>She is an angel.<br>She is beauty.<br>She is
      friendship.<br>She is your friend.<br>She is tranquility.<br>She is
      desire.<br>She is trust.<br>She is joy.<br>She is light.<br>She
      is day.<br>She is night.<br>She is earth.<br>She is
      air.<br>She is fire.<br>She is a lady.<br>She is a
      maiden.<br>She is new.<br>She is old.<br>She is a crone.<br>She
      is a sorceress.<br>She is a princess. <br>She is a
      queen.<br>She is water.<br>She is spirit.<br>She is
      glowing.<br>She is a mother-to-be.<br>She is your
      mother-in-law.<br>She is everything.<br>She is in every woman.<br>She
      is the Great Mother.<br>She is Isis.<br>She is the
      Triple Goddess.<br>She is the Goddess to us all.<br>She
      is mother to us all.<br>She will always love
      you.<br>Blessed be.<br><br>Amy<br>)O(
    • tashenubaste
      Greetings everyone. Taking inspiration for a poem posted on the Legendary Cat Tails group, I wrote a poem about the incident when my Spitha was
      Message 732 of 732 , Feb 27, 2002
        Greetings everyone.<br>Taking inspiration for a
        poem posted on the "Legendary Cat Tails" <br>group, I
        wrote a poem about the incident when my Spitha was
        missing. <br>It's my first attempt of writing anything in
        rhymes, and taking into <br>considaration that english is
        not my primary language, I'm really <br>interested in
        your opinions.<br><br>Here's the
        link:<br><a href=http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=625388 target=new>http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=625388</a><br><br><br>Thanks,<br>Werecat
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