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Re: [Pagan Poets Society] Daughters of Isis

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  • William Burns
    interesting work of poetrygets me into the mind if Cleopatra Quixotic as ever William C. Burns, Jr. chyfrin437@yahoo.com my life? . . . throw in a few flying
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      interesting work of poetrygets me into the mind if Cleopatra

      Quixotic as ever

      William C. Burns, Jr.


      my life? . . .

      throw in a few flying zombies

      and you'd have an episode of Dr. Who

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      Subject: [Pagan Poets Society] Daughters of Isis
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      Date: Thursday, June 16, 2011, 6:19 PM


      I am royal, I am regal, I am Pharaoh of Egypt, I am Cleopatra, the oldest daughter of Isis

      I will do anything to protect my reign, unfortunately even if it means murder

      I have two brothers and a younger sister, her name Arsinoe IV, the younger daughter of Isis

      I would make sure nothing to affect my royal reign would occur.

      We had different mothers, but the same father, but she is also in line to reign

      I can't let this happen, I will do whatever it takes

      I would even use my body to seduce, Julius Ceaser, until his death by my side he would remain

      Giving him a son, an heir to his throne and mine, I would do what I have to do, on my throne I had everything to gain.

      But Ceaser was murdered so to achieve my goal, I would seduce his general, Marc Antony

      Ceaser had banished Arsinoe, to another land, he didn't have jurisdiction over the land

      But Marc Antony did, so by seducing him, he would end up doing anything for me

      Even killing my sister, to clear the path for me and my plan.

      All our lives, we fought over Egypt, until I, Cleopatra, had, had enough

      So even in exile, my power reached Atsinoe, Marc Antony ordered her death

      Yes she was my sister, but to be a queen some of the desicians are very tough

      Already killing my brothers, my path was clear when Arsinoe took her last breath.

      After that I ruled for twelve years and in the end I would take my own life

      Both of us, daughters of Isis, we would become immortal and well known

      I took my life to spare Egypt Rome and all her strife

      Still becoming a province of Rome, from Egypt the Roman empire has only grown.

      I committed murder against my goddess Isis, I murdered one of her daughters, for my own personal gain

      I am ashamed of what I had to do, with death my brothers and sister, I made sure they shared a kiss

      Some think because of what I did, I was insane

      But I was the queen of Egypt, and along with Arsinoe, we were both daughters of Isis.


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