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Long Poem Chains of Chaldea

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  • Rod G
    Verses from Chains of Chaldea When time began at earth s dawn Evil lurked within every shadow Precious life, beautiful fawn Monstrous hunger beyond the meadow
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2010
      Verses from Chains of Chaldea

      When time began at earth's dawn
      Evil lurked within every shadow
      Precious life, beautiful fawn
      Monstrous hunger beyond the meadow
      Taking shape in the valley of Megiddo
      Ancient city, Eridu
      Slaves to fear in gossiper's ghetto
      Shemjazza spits, a dare to you
      Legends born, Edimmu

      Curse to the annals of the Anunnaki
      The Igigi in shadows were hiding
      Egos collide for power to jockey
      Elites formed in the darkness confiding
      Centuries after men would be abiding
      These statutes of sin ingrained
      Saddle the storm warriors riding
      Many battles with innocent blood stained
      Ultimate evil in the heart attained

      Beni ha Elohiym and the daughters of men
      Union forbidden and yet
      Hell spawned offspring desert djinn
      History of the world would soon forget
      Regards to the Serpent's son, Tabaet
      Those who fell joined with us
      So the world stage was set
      Mystery in stone no one could bust
      Sacred taboo flesh in lust

      In the days of Noah before the flood
      Nephilim nudge deceit's dial
      Giants roamed drinking innocent blood
      Mysterious truths along the Nile
      Wickedness smirks, never smiles
      Wisdom does not trod where mortals go
      Stench of breath smelling vile
      Squashing the meek in the valleys low
      Oppression rules this world of woe

      Was this to be our everlasting legacy?
      Lessons lost within Chaldean chains
      Your empire slipping into mediocrity
      As mock exaltation begins to wane
      Those who seek to lead border insane
      Wasting away, wail of the wind
      Men scattered upon the wilderness plain
      Throne decays slowly into sin
      Woe to the wicked, dreaded djinn

      Ponder this, the mysteries, just for a moment
      The Watchers also took note
      The Wars of Gods and the blood spent
      Many trips Charon would make on his boat
      Sacrifices the Anunnaki anecdote
      Troubles abound voices would slur
      Sorrows emerged where they would float
      The past would become all a blur
      Future fate begins to conjure

      Now the Wars would be waged by Man
      The Tree of Knowledge an apple was gave
      Long after fire was hard to understand
      Became a tool in false hope would save
      Defend borders the business of enclave
      Clique-ish clans seeking only their own
      Rainbow colors no more the rave
      Men would wage war now alone
      A cold that seeped deep into the bone

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      To those who love rhyme and reason
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