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Re: [Pagan Poets Society] Festival of the Dead

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      Line 9 - instead of "witch" you have "with".

      Interesting note about Giles -
      What he did was to refuse to enter a plea. Had he entered a plea, his family
      would have lost all his property. By not entering a plea, and remaining silent,
      he insured that his family would retain his property.

      I used to work in Peabody, and used to eat my lunch at a small park where he was
      pressed. Peabody and Danvers were once a part of Salem, and separated from that
      town, in part, to distance themselves from the name of the town associated with
      the witch-hunts. But curiously, most of the trials took place in what is now
      Danvers Square.
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      From: Lanaia
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      Subject: [Pagan Poets Society] Festival of the Dead

      This, once a small hamlet, now so big and infamous, because of an awful
      injustice that occurred here
      The year, 1692, the place, Salem, Mass, the injustice, witchcraft or thought so
      One small girl caused all this, nineteen unjustly put to death, because of man's
      inept fear
      The doctor that examined the child, using the term bewitched, and from there
      well children became the foes.

      Man, not understanding things, caused all this doom and gloom
      Witchcraft hysteria ran rampant that very sad year
      Nineteen put to death, some just because of their property, that other wanted,
      hysteria here caused death to bloom
      People in trials that were are farce, all this started, because of one child and
      a doctor's diagnosis, not understanding, it caused immense fear.

      One man accused, Giles Corey was his name, refused to admit he was a with as
      many of the others had
      Instead of the traditional hanging, he was crushed to death by rocks, tortured,
      but he would not admit to being in league with the devil
      What happened here so long ago because of man not understanding was so very sad
      Villagers using tactics to torture and kill these poor souls, them thinking they
      were going straight to hell.

      But they were so wrong, injustice, something in our history, nothing that would
      make us proud
      Maybe the souls so unjustly killed, maybe they still walk here
      Searching for redemption from those that accused them so long ago, today they
      will never find it, the accusers are now dead, in a guilty black crowd
      Some say at times if you are quiet, the souls of the unjustly dead, you can

      Now today, we wish to pay homage, to those that so unjustly died
      Here in this place so long ago where wichtcraft was so misunderstood
      Now we are the witchcraft capitol of the world, if the accusers could see this
      place now, they would surely run and hide
      A pact with the devil, the dark arts, this is how the accusers saw a witch, some
      claimed to have seen the devil himself in his robes and hood.

      Now, present day, we still remember the tragedy that occurred here
      I don't think we will ever forget after everything done, everything said
      We will always remember, we want to honor them, all this because of fear
      So to remember them, each year we celebrate their lives with the Festival of the

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