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Some of my poetry.

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  • flammablepassions
    I just joined,and thought I would share some of my writing with you all. I, as you, are flesh. Passion creates me and emotion fills my
    Message 1 of 732 , Feb 15, 2001
      I just joined,and thought I would share some of
      my writing with you all.<br><br>I,<br>as you,<br>are
      flesh.<br>Passion creates me<br>and emotion fills my
      blood.<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>Sanctify<br> <br><br><br> I missed the chance again,
      <br>relieved moments lost to memory, <br>I wait. <br>Again I
      will descend, <br>and again i shall reflect on the
      sweetest moments of misery, <br>of unseen tribulations.
      <br>I will bury the prayers of angels in ummarked
      graves <br>and challenge the elements of deceit to
      transend my charade and end this foolishness. <br>With
      each mound of earth I sanctify, <br>there lies a
      tattered shred of happiness I once clutched so tightly.
      <br>I will relive these treacherous moments,<br>knees
      deep in soil and arms erected to the sky. <br>each
      solemn burial a ritual within itself, <br>the rows upon
      which I have labored,<br> a test of my obeisance.
      <br>Here lies my free will. <br>Here lies my dignity.
      <br>Here lies the last chance i ever had to end this
      persecution.<br><br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>Seperation,<br>so sincere.<br>As inhibitation grows within these
      walls. <br>Stone by earnest stone until my vision is
      obscured from reality. <br>Was this famine nessesary for
      my salvation? <br>Was my pride the mortor sealing my
      resentment?<br>So shall this wall comedown as it was erected,
      <br>one heartfelt word at a time. <br> <br><br>for
      more...check out some of my poems on my
      webpage..<br><br><a href=http://hometown.aol.com/veganangei/poems.html target=new>http://hometown.aol.com/veganangei/poems.html</a>
    • tashenubaste
      Greetings everyone. Taking inspiration for a poem posted on the Legendary Cat Tails group, I wrote a poem about the incident when my Spitha was
      Message 732 of 732 , Feb 27, 2002
        Greetings everyone.<br>Taking inspiration for a
        poem posted on the "Legendary Cat Tails" <br>group, I
        wrote a poem about the incident when my Spitha was
        missing. <br>It's my first attempt of writing anything in
        rhymes, and taking into <br>considaration that english is
        not my primary language, I'm really <br>interested in
        your opinions.<br><br>Here's the
        link:<br><a href=http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=625388 target=new>http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=625388</a><br><br><br>Thanks,<br>Werecat
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