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Lanaia's interview with Purpleverse Magazine

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  • lanaia74
    After what seems like years of waiting, the time finally arrived for Purpleverse to look deeper into the world of long time contributor, Lanaia Lee. Due to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2007
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      After what seems like years of waiting, the time finally arrived for
      Purpleverse to look deeper into the world of long time contributor,
      Lanaia Lee. Due to geographical locations, the following interview
      took place over the Internet.

      VERN: Lanaia, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

      LANAIA: You are so very welcome! You have stood beside me since the
      very beginning, now that my carrerr is taking off, I will proudly
      stand beside you.

      VERN: Many of our readers will know your name but few will know the
      person. Please tell us a little about yourself.

      LANAIA: Well, I'm 50, young enough to still have fun, but old enough
      to know better. I suffered a stroke at 35, confining me to a
      wheelchair, and I could never have any children because of my
      hypertension, but I'm strong. When I survived the stroke, I knew my
      destiny had not yet been fulfilled,so here I am today.

      VERN: I hate go straight for the kill, but your life has been replete
      with many unfortunate incidents. To help people appreciate your
      determination, can you tell us some of the horror's you've overcome
      and how has this shaped your writing career?

      LANAIA: Like I said the toughest thing was the loss of my children I
      had 5 miscarriages and one still born. Any one should understand how
      devastating that would be. My mom died when I was 8, and I was raised
      by my maternal grandmother, who was a professed black witch. I have
      no siblings and never really knew my dad, who was in the navy. Life
      has been very interesting, but it does go on. All my hardships are a
      part of who I am, they help mold me into a very strong person.

      VERN: Since your stroke, you've been in a wheelchair, a common factor
      with your husband of some ten years. I get the impression of two very
      independent people here who are willing and ready to take on anything?

      LANAIA: Very much so! I love my husband dearly, and we have been
      married thirteen years, and I would not have it any other way.

      VERN: An interesting fact from your Bio, is your Grandmother. A self
      proclaimed Black Witch. Not every family has a witch and I'd be
      interested to know if her teachings in anyway inspired your writings
      over the years?

      LANAIA: Many people do not believe in the dark arts, but I lived
      through them, they are very real. The genre I choose to write, is
      very conftorable to me, since I have been around it all my life, but
      the things I have seen, I want nothing to do with the black arts.

      VERN: We must finally give mention to your 3 year old Jack Russell.
      No family is complete without man and woman's best friend. Moving on
      from family life, we obviously move to your writing. Since you joined
      our family at Purpleverse, we've seen many great works of fiction and
      poetry. Your first book "The Dark Side of Lanaia Lee" has been in
      print for a while now. Can you tell us your feeling on printing your
      first book and a little about how well it has done?

      LANAIA: Jack, my doggie, now seven, is my constant companion. This
      dog has the love of six children wrapped up in him, when he passes,
      now that is going to be hard. The first book of poetry I published,
      didn't do that well I think mainly because I was an unknown. Now my
      first novel of a five book fantasy series called Of Atlantis, book on
      is due out this fall through Roval Publishing, they are here in the
      states in Texas. Also, my second book of dark poetry, called Within
      Lanaia's Darkness is due out this winter through,Barros Monteiro
      Editorial Publishers, they are in Lisbon, Portugal, so finally I'm
      seeing the light of day. These publishers just saw my work on line,
      liked what they saw, and the rest is history.

      VERN: So after the first publication, you've obviously been left with
      a taste for more. We printed two chapters of "Chamber of Time" in
      issue Two of Sinfully Twisted. I understand the project is now
      complete and ready for print. What is the current situation with this?

      LANAIA: Chamber of Time, I look at, as a learning experience, it has
      more or less fizzled out.

      VERN: And not one to slack, you've also worked hard on "Of Atlantis",
      a five book fantasy fiction series. Tell us more about this
      intriguing title.

      LANAIA: This series of books, although fantasy, is more or less about
      my beliefs. It is about the king of Atlantis, that survived the
      deastation. He isn't totally human, he is half Orion. These were a
      super human race that were from within Orion's Belt. Being half Orion
      ( Archamedes) the main character has the ability for eternal life.
      The books tell of him going through history, assuming certain
      identuties, one is Imohotep of ancient Egypt.

      VERN: Writing dark material always needs inspiration. Where has yours
      come from, who do you look up to in the world of fiction?

      LANAIA: Wow, I have always been an avid follower of Poe, I also think
      I have read everything written by Agatha Christie.

      VERN: Do you feel the independent small press really has anything to
      offer over the commercial offerings that fill the book shelves?

      LANAIA: Yes, I do. The only thing a small press needs is a famous
      name, that will take them to where the big publishing houses are.

      VERN: If you had the chance to turn any of your fiction into a movie,
      what piece would you choose and why? Dare I also ask, who would you
      select to play the lead roles?

      LANAIA: Oh, yes, my choice would definitely be Of Atlantis. This
      book has everything, fantasy, romance, just perfect for the big
      screen. My lead character, Archamedes, the guy that played Van
      Helseng, his wife, the woman that played beside Van Helseng, I also
      have a villian known as Uric, only one man can play this role, in the
      movie The Mummy, the guy who played Imhotep, the mummy.

      VERN: I have to say, I've never known anyone as quick to reply to
      emails as you do. How do you manage to squeeze in writing, emails and
      family life in only 24 hours a day? I'd love to know the secret!

      LANAIA: Writing is my life. I do my best writing early in the morning
      before my husband or Jack wake up. I feel so lucky when someone
      contacts me about my writing, I welcome the e-mails, I really look
      forward to them, and my writing, is just like a part of the family.
      Never a pain.

      VERN: You've been working with Purpleverse for several years now. How
      did you find out about us and how has it been working with
      the "Family of the Fallen"?

      LANAIA: I consider myself, very fortunate to have found you. When I
      first started writing, I didn't have the faith in my work, I needed,
      but you stuck by me helping to give me the faith I needed.

      VERN: With your current projects nearing completion, what are your
      plans for the next set of works? I feel that you're not going to take
      a break and rest somehow....

      LANAIA: I will always write poetry, that is my passion. Maybe an auto
      biography later on, I know I want to write on Titanic, but from a
      totally different viewpoint, many people don't know this, but on that
      ill fated journey, Titanic carried an Egyptian mummy, I want to write
      on the ill fated ship, from the view point of the Mummy's curse.

      VERN: Having beaten so many issues in your life, finally making your
      name in the market place and seeing your works in print, what is the
      plan now for Lanaia? Is there a long term vision that you want to

      LANAIA: When I lost all my children, one of the most important
      things, was when I died I wanted to leave a part of myself behind,
      not through my children, but through my writing, I'll be able to do

      VERN: For those who have yet to experience your works, can you please
      share with us details of where people can find you on the internet
      and how to contact you, if you'd like them to.

      LANAIA: Just go to my website
      http://www.alongstoryshort.net/lanaialee.html here you can leave me a
      message, e-mail me, or even join my yahoo writing group.

      VERN: The floor is now yours Lanaia, no questions, just time for you
      to put any messages over to our readers.

      LANAIA: When I wrote Of Atlantis, one of the things I wanted to do
      was make history fun. Well I think I achieved this. As far as my
      poetry, divine intervention. I have never been to school for this.
      Everybody just read my work and you decide.

      VERN: Finally and with reluctance, we must conclude our conversation.
      I'd like to thank you for being so open and sharing so many insights
      with myself and our friends. We all wish you great success with your
      future plans and thank you for taking the time to let us into your

      LANAIA: I really appreciate you taking the time, to do this
      interview, so others can learn more about Lanaia. And any one can
      contact me through my website, and I will always be indebted to
      Prpleverse, for being by my side since the beginning. Thank you and
      big hugs.

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