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  • Lady of Fircrest Forest
    Great topic ! I think as a pagan we are certainly touched by fire! My Goddess & Lady Brighid of Eire is the triple goddess and one of her aspects is that of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2005
      Great topic !
      I think as a pagan we are certainly touched by fire! My Goddess & Lady Brighid of Eire is the triple goddess and one of her aspects is that of illumination! she is the one who touches us with her fire and at times it feels like my brain is on fire when my creative 'juices' (again another aspect of the goddess her watery communitive side) are flowing! just like a flash of lighting, we get flashes of illumination, clarity or creativity.
      there are many gods and goddesses that touch us that are from various pantheons. Dionysos is the god of the Divine Madness, so at any angle you want to play it, yes! i do believe we are all touched!

      Manic Depression and Bi-Polar expression is a very profound subject matter that i can relate to. i have a few very close friends or lovers that struggle with these expressions... i can offer the name of another book on the subject... called "We Heard the Angels of Madness" by Diane & Lisa Berger , by Quill publishers ISBN :0-688-11615-9. this book is told from the family's inside view.... a practical guide understanding and its treatment.
      one of my friends states he likes his mania/depression and claims no one understands the clarity he sees in those swings.... he has real moments of ecstasy and creativity as well as a great compassion for people who suffer .....
      .......hmmmmm? there is a fine line at times between Divine Madness and what we call Insanity. JUst think of all the genius', inventors, mathematicians, scientists, researchers, etc. who were all people living on the 'edge'. makes one think eh?

      i have experienced that Divine MAdness....whilst communing with Dionysos as one of his Maenads!

      so i say...... To The Divine MAdness! may we all experience being touched by the Divine Fire!
      ~Blessed BE!

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      1. Interesting thought to ponder.....
      From: RisingSun0284@...


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      Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 18:27:12 EDT
      From: RisingSun0284@...
      Subject: Interesting thought to ponder.....

      As poets we are subjected to all levels of emotion and express these things
      through our art and our mood swings and interpretation. I have been reading a
      book about Manic depressive disorder and the artistic temperament, called Touch
      of Fire. Its all about mental illnesses and the creative aspect that comes
      with these conditions. Its a very interesting read, I would suggest anyone
      interested to check it out.

      What do you all think as poets, do you think that we could be touched with
      fire, and what some call the divine madness. Its very interesting to compare
      psychological aspects that effect modern artist. I would love to chat with others
      who may think this could be a very interesting way to tap into our
      perception...unlocking our hidden arts. Let me know what you all think.
      BB, Tim F.

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