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Earthwizard: Tale of the Rainbow Faërie

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  • Earthwizard, aka., Craig Hickman
    Okay... I ll give you a small foretaste of things to come as I begin to build an ancient tale of love and war, of elf and dwarf and human kin, of quest and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
      Okay... I'll give you a small foretaste of things to come as I begin to build an ancient tale of love and war, of elf and dwarf and human kin, of quest and light and victory, of sadness and tears and the slow death of years.... a romance out of the eldar days!

      Tale of the Rainbow Faërie

      Once upon a time, and it was a very good time indeed, the world was full of color and laughter and bubbles of bright Faë. As everyone one knows who has ever met one of the Faë, their eyes are so full of merry cheer that they begin to sparkle and dance like stars and, if you are careful you just might be able to follow them to the edge of a rainbow where all the wee people of faërieland live.

      This was a time when humankind lived, in harmony and peace, with Elven Folk. The Land of Faërie and the world of men were closer then; the blue veil that separates the two worlds was then so thin that human and elf walked between the pearly gates that separated them, hand and hand, dear friends.

      Then one day all harmony of elf and human kin came to an end. The dark wizard of the black lands of Zagros, the Lord of Darkness and Chaos, who lived on the edge of the great abyss stole the rainbow light of Andor, that kept at bay the evil monsters of the deep from harming earth and all her children.

      All clouds of white and snowy down of beauty and light and silver curls turned dark, grey, and full of bat caves. All the Faë of ancient days, the proud Eldar of the famed Isle of Westernesse gathered in the City of Glas, Elfstar by name, where the White Council of Sindar was held each year at the turning of the Great Wheel. Far and wide did the call go out, to the kings and princes of men, the dwarf lords in their bright halls of gold, and to the Old Wizard of Fingal, the Wise Galdor. Each came arrayed in bright colors of their proud tribes, but to their dismay, all had turned grey in this world of bleak Eldar. The once beautiful Land of the Faërie was no longer merry, but full of sadness and fears; for the light of the rainbow no longer broke over the City of Glas, and tears of the Grey Elves was all that was left in this once colorful land of the gods.

      When Master Galdor entered the White Council his eyes were full of bright light, his white hair reaching down to the floor, his great staff of ash, transparent to the naked eye, writhed in serpents and dragons of fire, and as he spoke to the council his voice full of thunder did brace the fell crowd: "Who is this Dark Lord who dares to change the earth? Who is this King of Demons who dares to steal to Light of Andor?" The High Elves of the council all stood in a ring at the center of the ancient circle of light where the bright Star of Andor once swirled in purity and safety above the statue of the White Lady of the Sea.

      Celebrindor, Silver Lord of the Grey Elves, came forward, his eyes full of violet fire, unblinking: "So the great Galdor comes to see our dark end, does he?"

      The Old Wizard looked at his friend, at first sternly, eyes full of murderous intent; then, gently lifting his white brow he smiled, and spoke, softly: "I come in your time of need , my old friend, for the wide world is falling into darkness and must be brought back again. We can ill afford conflict among Eldar and Human in this time of bleak days. For all the world is gathered in this place to hear wise council of Elven Lords and Human Kings this day. And, I, of the Mithrandir come to thee out of duty and honor, to offer my services to you; for I, too, have a stake in this matter, for the times of our times demand it."

      The Lord of the Elven folk then smiled and clasped his old friend's hands, smiling: "We welcome thee, Lord Galdor, among us; know that your wise ways are always a treasured gift to our council. And in these days of woe we need your wise words to help us defeat this black enemy and regain our ancient Star of Andor."

      - Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
      © January 5, 2004

      - Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman
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