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Fall Reclaiming Intensive - Spaces still available

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  • nexusgoddess
    Fall Reclaiming Intensive - Spaces still available October 11th – 18th, 2003 Located 2 hours outside of Manhattan (bus service available) in Rock Hill
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      Fall Reclaiming Intensive - Spaces still available

      October 11th – 18th, 2003

      Located 2 hours outside of Manhattan (bus service available) in Rock
      Hill (Sullivan County), NY

      This Year's Teachers

      Starhawk (author of The Spiral Dance),Donald L. Engstrom, Flame
      RosaNegra, Dawn Isidora, Todd Herriot, Selchie Amazon, Larry Savides,
      Laurel, Aerianna Tayerle, Tara Cox

      More Information and Online Registration available at

      Join us in a weeklong intensive of magic and ritual, Come be part of
      trance work, healing, drumming, dancing, chanting, storytelling,
      guided visualization and energy work. Come journey with us into the
      heart of the Goddess guided by an ancient tale. Come be with us as we
      create together a loving safe container within which a powerful,
      transformative energy builds through the week. Come make ritual with
      us. Dance and sing with us. Drum and trance with us. Share visions,
      dreams, healing, and fun with us. Come be part of the amazing spell
      that is Witchcamp.

      Come to Witchcamp where women and men of all levels of experience work
      deep transformative magic. New to magic? You'll learn the basic skills
      of magic and ritual, working with the elements, movement, sound and
      the mythological and historical framework of the Goddess Tradition.
      More experienced? You will deepen your craft, applying the tools of
      ritual to personal healing and empowerment. Focus on taking the craft
      into the world, and learn to broaden your capabilities in creating
      public ritual, working with ongoing groups and healing issues
      surrounding leadership and power. Come stew in the magic cauldron that
      is Witchcamp.

      This Year's Camp Paths
      Witchcraft 101 with Donald Engstrom and Laurel
      Reluctant Warrior/Healer: A Path in Magical Activism with Starhawk and
      Selchie Amazon
      Journey to Earth: An Underworld Experience with Larry Savides and Tare Cox
      Embracing the Power of Sex with Todd Herriot and Dawn Isidora
      Sacred Creativity with Flame RosaNegra and Aerianna

      Our Camp Theme

      The Sacred Marriage of Ereshkigal and Nergal
      As a Feast of the Heavens was being prepared, Ereshkigal, Queen of the
      Underworld, sent a messenger to accept a gift for Her. All the Gods
      knelt before Her messenger but one; Nergal, the god of war. When
      questioned by Enki, he expressed his desire to descend into the
      Underworld and know the Queen of The Dark. After being given advice on
      protecting himself Nergal traveled down into the Land of Ancestral
      Memory, carrying a Throne. He tried to follow the counsel he'd been
      given but could not resist his heart's desire and made love to
      Ereshkigal. On the morning of the seventh day, after 6 days and nights
      together, Nergal left the Underworld. Ereshkigal grieved and sent a
      message to the heavens demanding Her right to choose Her Lover. Nergal
      descended once again to face Ereshkigal. They spent another 6 days and
      nights passionately making love. On the morning of the seventh day,
      Ereshkigal and Nergal accept the Gift of the Beloved they found in
      each other and agree to rule the Underworld of Judgment together for
      The story of the sacred marriage of Ereshkigal, Queen of the land of
      Ancestral Memory, to Nergal, the god of war poses many of the
      questions we face at this time in our lives. Many of us ask: How do we
      manifest Love Beyond All Reason when faced with war? This Love story
      from the birthing place of humanity weaves Time and Passion with the
      healing we receive and give while creating Peace.

      Camp Intention
      Working in both the mythological and physical realms with issues of
      war and peace, we come together to heal and be healed, to find and
      become the Beloved.


      The price includes lodging, classes, rituals and meals. Private rooms
      w/bathrooms - $675.00, Shared Cabins - $650.00

      For further information on New York Witchcamp please visit our website
      at www.wyldgoddess.net or

      call us at 646-250-3377 or email camp@...
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