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Re: ~*~Shocking Sacramento "Independence Day" True Story* Share Widely!!!~*

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  • Kat
    I spent many years in California as a Psychiatric Nurse in both the private and governmental sectors. I worked primarily with the criminally insane (judicially
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 15, 2003
      I spent many years in California as a Psychiatric Nurse in both the
      private and governmental sectors. I worked primarily with the
      criminally insane (judicially committed), but I also interned at the
      county level and spent time doing assessments and evaluations pre-
      hospitalization as well in the acute ward (which is where they bring
      you when you present a danger to yourself or others for evaluation).
      My point in all of this is, in 1966 they passed a law, the Lanterman,
      Petris, Short Act, which was designed to protect people from unlawful
      and indefinate hospital stays without due recourse or justification.
      Prior to that law people could be incarcerated as 'mentally ill' with
      little supporting evidence that they presented a true danger to
      themselves or others or that they could not provide for their basic
      needs. What I know first hand from being called out to do site
      evaluations, one on a woman who was using a hammer to exorcize demons
      from her walls in an assisted living community, was that she did not
      at that time present a real and true danger to herself or others, was
      able to provide for her basic needs and though I wouldn't want her
      for my neighbor, banging on the walls, it did not warrant her being
      locked up. The other issue is when you are brought in by a law
      enforcement officer as many at that time (and this was supposed to be
      rectified by bringing along trained persons in possible psych cases)
      did not want to deal with MI (mentally Ill) patients, or deal with
      them severly or caused them to act out by virtue of their (client)
      paranoia and the uniform of the officer.
      Anyone in the: law inforcement field, paramedics, doctors (of
      Course), nursing, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. can have someone
      brought in for a 72 hour hold (observation). If during that period of
      time (and it should have been assessed when first speaking to the
      doctor)the person is clear and lucid and not responding to voices or
      any other stimuli, they are released. Go to the the link (you will
      have to type it in) below for more information.
      I personally suggest that you contact a civil rights attorney and sue
      the county first and then the state for infringement of your right to
      peaceful assembly to have you personal rights *restored(I would like
      to point out that the Patriot Act (post 911) does give greater power
      to local law authorities to hold people for acts of terrorism) So
      when peacefully assembling make sure that you do not do anything that
      can be construed as interferring with public transportation or an act
      of violence.* just a note they can only take those rights if you were
      deemed mentally ill.

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      > ___________________________
      > On Saturday, April 26th, 2003, I was standing on the NW corner of
      > Marconi & Fulton in Sacramento, CA, protesting the war on Iraq.
      > the street from me was a separate group holding banners and signs
      > protesting the war on Iraq. Within 30 minutes I was handcuffed and
      > taken away by officers from the Sacramento County Sheriff.
      > I was taken into custody and held overnight at the Sacramento County
      > Mental Health Treatment Center and I was told my bicycle had been
      > taken to a property warehouse in Rancho Cordova. I was released
      > 10 AM on Sunday, April 27th after evaluation by an RN, a Mental
      > Counselor & an MD who all concluded I was not a danger to myself.
      > officers that detained me said they were doing so because I had been
      > "observed going into traffic and yelling at passing vehicles." and
      > that I was "Dangerous to myself".
      > I freely admitted I was vigorously protesting as loudly as I could,
      > and will gladly testify in a court of law that I was making
      > regarding this cultures addiction to petroleum, the illegal war in
      > Iraq, asking how many more had to die and so forth, but I
      > deny that I ever stepped off the sidewalk or onto the roadway at any
      > time, much less "into traffic" - to the contrary, as the officers
      > detaining me, I asked why they would do nothing about the car that
      > illegally entered the crosswalk, blocking a bicycle rider's (that
      > just arrived, unrelated to the protest) right of way. I was also
      > accused of altering the sign in front of the EXXON station which I
      > denied to the owner when he asked me, to the officers when they
      > me and to all of the staff workers that interviewed me at the Mental
      > Health Center.
      > I asked the officers to visit with the protestors that were across
      > Fulton Ave, on the NE corner of the intersection to obtain their
      > statements or at least names & contact information but they (the
      > officers) refused. Instead, another car was called and they loaded
      > bicycle into the trunk of their car and left. We drove to another
      > of the parking lot and parked for a while. Officer Oanai checked the
      > validity of a registration for an employee of the tire store we were
      > parked in front of. A few minutes later a third Sheriff car arrived
      > and I was again searched and transferred to their car.
      > It was shortly after noon when this different pair of Sheriff
      > delivered me to the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center
      > under the "5150" law. My vital signs were taken and I was searched
      > again and releived of my shoes, belt, wallet and keys. I was given a
      > Patients' Rights handbook, which I sat down to read but did not
      > before I was called by the RN to give my health history. When my
      > interview was completed by the RN it was no later than 2 PM. I then
      > finished studying the Patients' Rights Handbook and began taking
      > in the back of it.
      > At about 9 PM Morad called me to the desk to ask for a urine sample,
      > to which I reluctantly agreed after he told me that sometimes the
      > Doctor would consider my refusal as proof I was using drugs and that
      > it might delay my release.
      > At 9:25 PM Morad again called me to the desk and we went to an
      > for an interview that lasted about 45 minutes as I answered some
      > questions, told my side of the story, answered more of his questions
      > and then reviewed the "legal paperwork" (his words), in that order.
      > I met with the Doctor from 8:55 to 9:10 AM on 4/27. She advised me
      > that we "Had to support the President" and reminded me of the
      > of 9/11, to which I replied that none of the 18 or 19 terrorists
      > from Iraq, and I asked if finding no weapons of mass destruction
      > anything to her. She said we would find them eventually and that we
      > "had to support our troops." I agreed and said the best way to do
      > would be to get them home as soon as possible, and that she would
      > surely have a new batch of customers as a result of this illegal
      > She smiled and agreed, and after a few more questions informed me
      > I would be released right away and that I should not protest so
      > any more.
      > During the discharge process I was informed of the restriction on my
      > Constitutional right to Keep & Bear Arms for 5 years, to which I
      > for and was given a form to sign requesting a hearing for Relief
      > Firearms Prohibition, I also asked, in writing, to view my records,
      > have a copy of my records mailed to me (copy fees & postage paid by
      > me), that I be given a list of people my records have been shared
      > with, and that my records NOT be shared with anyone without my
      > consent. The discharge counselor accepted my written request and, to
      > her credit, signed and dated it as a witness.
      > I rode a public bus to Arden Fair and walked the short distance to
      > Howe park which is near my home. From the park as I approached my
      > street I observed four Sheriff cars on Bell Rd, 3 marked and one
      > unmarked. One of them turned off Bell onto a street just before
      > another turned off Bell into Santa Anita park (across the street
      > Howe park). I experienced a very real fear that they were looking
      > me to have another go at me so I delayed returning to my home until
      > the Sheriff cars were no longer around, about a half hour.
      > I consider myself fortunate to have suffered no more insult than I
      > have, however I believe it is vital that our law enforcement
      > be held to the oath they took when they were given the power to
      > a citizens life the way they have mine. Sure, I was loud and
      > offensive, but I was not a danger to myself nor was I wandering
      > in traffic as they have claimed. I did nothing to deserve to be
      > up in the Crisis ward of the Mental Health Center, and by using the
      > "5150" law to confine me, the officers escape any accountability to
      > proper legal channels plus I receive the added consequences of
      > me with a Mental Health Record and denying me the right to keep and
      > bear arms. This is the first time I have ever been admitted to a
      > Mental Health Care facility under any circumstances, and it was
      > involuntary.
      > I am also deeply concerned about the clear attempt to influence me
      > away from my stand against the war by all of these so-called Mental
      > Health Professionals. This "observation period" felt much more like
      > punishment to me, considering the filthy bathrooms, bright lights in
      > the sleeping area, the 20 minute "infommercial' for Prozac and
      > disdain many of the staff members had for the other 'clients'.
      > This concludes my statement of what happened from about noon
      > April 26th to about noon Sunday, April 27th, 2003.
      > xxxxxxxxxx
      > Sacramento, CA
      > -------------------
      > On Wednesday, April 30th, I received a call from "Joyce", the
      > of Performance Improvement of the Sacramento Mental Health Treatment
      > Center regarding my request to view my records & get a copy of them.
      > She was calling to inform me that she needed a certain form filled
      > in order to process my request. I asked why I had not been given
      > form when I presented my handwritten request upon my discharge, and
      > pointed out the fact that the California Health & Safety Code did
      > specify that I had to fill out any particular form, only that I had
      > make my request in writing. I also reminded her that the Code
      > that I be allowed to view my records within 5 business days of my
      > written request. She replied that none of that mattered, the policy
      > was to have this particular form filled out and returned before I
      > would be allowed to view my records. She mailed the form to me on
      > following day, Thursday May 1st and I received it on Friday, May
      > Friday morning at 9 AM I called Joyce and got her fax number so
      that I
      > could send the following:
      > Dear County of Sacramento,
      > Following up on my written request dated April 27, 2003, to view my
      > medical records, please note that today is the 5th business day
      > my request.
      > I take this opportunity to repeat my request to view my health
      > related to my involuntary confinement on April 26, 2003.
      > I also take this opportunity to repeat my request to have copies of
      > health records related to my involuntary confinement on April 26th,
      > 2003, mailed to me at xxxxxxx, Sacramento, CA 95825. I will pay
      > reasonable costs associated with this request, as prescribed in the
      > California Health & Safety Code.
      > Additionally, I take this opportunity to repeat my request for a
      > of the people with whom the County has shared my health
      > Finally, I also take this opportunity to repeat my request that my
      > health records NOT be shared with anyone unless it is an emergency
      > I have given my written consent.
      > Please also note that this is my second written request, and that I
      > requested both verbally and in writing to view my records while in
      > confinement to staff Member "Loy" upon my discharge April 27th, and
      > this request was denied.
      > Please also note that three separate staff members refused to accept
      > my written request while I was confined; these were "Rico", "Iona"
      > the medical doctor that interviewed me on Sunday, April 27th.
      > -------------------
      > At 2 PM I presented myself at the counter of the Sacramento County
      > Mental Health Treatment Center at 2150 Stockton Blvd in Sacramento.
      > showed the receptionist the above letter, along with the filled in
      > form that had been sent to me, and my picture ID and requested that
      > be allowed to view my records.
      > A worker named Betty was called and she informed that they did not
      > have to show me my records for 30 days, that they used to freely
      > people to view their records but this was a new policy that had just
      > begun that week. I asked Betty if she was familar with the actual
      > State Code regarding my rights to which she replied yes, she was.
      > http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/waisgate?
      > Saction=retrieve
      > I asked her if she was aware that the code specified that persons
      > found guilty of denying me my rights could be fined $100 and have
      > disciplinary action entered into their record. She said no, and
      > if I would wait a few minutes while she checked with her supervisor
      > confirm that they would not allow me to view my record. I agreed,
      > took a seat in the lobby.
      > A few minutes later, Betty returned to confirm that I would not be
      > allowed to view my records, and that my request would be reviewed.
      > I left and returned to my home. At about 4:30 PM, Joyce called to
      > inform me that my request had been approved and to ask when it would
      > be convenient for me to come down and pick up copies of my records.
      > responded that I could come down immediatly. She said that would not
      > be possible and said I could come Monday at 10AM as that would be
      > soonest she could get someone to make copies for me. Hearing that I
      > would get copies rather than just a viewing, I agreed and asked if
      > sometime between 10 & 12 would be ok. She said yes and to just ask
      > her at the counter when I arrived.
      > You may be wondering why I would be sharing all of this here in this
      > open forum. I do so for two reasons, as a matter of self protection
      > and to publicize the outrageous behaviour of these so-called Mental
      > Health Professionals. This is a perfect example of the kind of abuse
      > of power that requires laws to keep them in check. I simply
      > that I be allowed to view my records, and it required three written
      > notices and a trip in person to get these public employees to obey
      > law. If they will so readily ignore the law in a seemingly mean
      > spirited attempt to punish me into dropping my inquiry, how much
      > will they do to those who are truly mentally incapacitated? What is
      > the point of having laws if the very people we pay to enforce and
      > them so blatantly violate them as a routine course of business?
      > Like the illegal war on Iraq, this incident is far from over.
      > ------------------------------
      > May 5, 2003
      > Well, I managed to get copies of some of the records today. The one
      > was the most interested in is the "Application for 72-Hour Detention
      > for Evaluation and Treatment" form the Sheriff Officer had to fill
      > The following is my transcription of the handwritten note used to
      > confine me against my will overnight and take away my right to keep
      > and bear arms for 5 years:
      > "Officers were called to a busy intersection next to a gas station
      > where a male subject was observed on an elevated sign changing the
      > prices from 1.91 to 911. Subject was contacted by officers. He was
      > observed going into traffic yelling at passing vehicles."
      > The next section asks for "sufficiently detailed information to
      > support the belief that the person for whom evaluation and treatment
      > is in fact a danger to others, a danger to himself/herself and/or
      > gravely disabled."
      > Here is my transcription of the Officers handwritten note:
      > "Subject is distraught over the war. Other witnesses on scene stated
      > he went into traffic with no regard for safety. Subject was
      > to be a danger to himself."
      > Signed, M. Taylor, Sac Co. Sheriff
      > Also of interest to me was the document that the MD filled out
      > diagnosing me:
      > "Patient is obsessed about social issues i.e. War (immorality of
      > energy consumption that is way out of proportion w/c in turn
      > the environment."
      > I confess, this is true! Has anyone else noticed that most urban
      > experience 3 to 8 weeks out of 52 when the air is unsafe to breathe?
      > Or how about the fact that our water is unfit to drink and we are
      > buying clean water for $1 or more per gallon? When does this
      > officially become a crisis? Will it be when there are 15 - 20 weeks
      > unhealthy air and water is $2 per gallon? Or will the announcement
      > come when it has risen to 26 weeks with clean water only available
      > the most wealthy?
      > On the Doctors assessment page I have been assigned a "Global
      > Assessment of Functioning (G.A.F)" score (on a scale of 1-99) of 65.
      > Under Axis I I have "No diagnosis" but a Code-DSM IV of V71.09, Axis
      > II deems me "Obsessive Compulsive traits", Axis III is filled in
      > "None", Axis IV has the number 9 circled wich proclaims "Other
      > Psychosocial/Environmental Problems."
      > Her assessment concludes: "Patient no longer meet criteria for 5150.
      > Will discharge into self custody."
      > Nothing is written about how I was told "I must support our
      > and I am not sure why I end up with such a low score on the "G.A.F."
      > (maybe this is a good thing?) and no one has even come close to
      > admitting that maybe they were wrong. Missing is the result from my
      > urine test, the badge number of Sheriff Officer M. Taylor and the
      > of who my records have been shared with.
      > Well dear reader, I leave this all for you to digest for yourself,
      > please feel free to add comments to this thread.
      > Let me just say this: I realize things could be much worse, and that
      > there are folks locked up with no hope of release ever (Guantanamo
      > one US lockup that comes to mind), and I realize I am very fortunate
      > to be free tonight to post this on the Internet. My point is that
      > freedom was won with the blood of my ancestors fighting arrogant
      > government authority that had become overreaching and oppresive. Now
      > apathy and selfish greed is allowing this facism to return - soon
      > there will be no truly "Free" country left in the world.
      > This time it was me for standing on a street corner shouting against
      > the war and petroleum addiction, maybe next time it will be you or
      > your children for demanding clean air and water?
      > ---------------
      > Friday, June 13th, at 9AM, a "HEARING FOR RELIEF FROM FIREARMS
      > PROHIBITION" is scheduled in Department 27 of The Superior Court of
      > California, County of Sacramento located at 720 Ninth Street. The
      > hearing will be held in accordance to Welfare & Institution Code
      > section 8103 (f) (5).
      > William McCamy from the District Attorney's Office will be the
      > Attorney for Plaintiff.
      > I am the Defendant Pro Per
      > -------------------
      > At a few minutes after 9 AM the DA came out to inform me that since
      > people hardly ever actually show up for these hearings he had not
      > ordered the records, therefore we would be postponing the hearing
      > a few weeks so he could order copies of the records.
      > Fortunately, I had already gone to great lengths myself to secure
      > records from SCMHC (Sacramento County Mental Health Center) and
      > offered to share them with him on the spot. To his credit, the DA
      > elected to examine the records at once, and concluded that the State
      > could not possibly make a case in support of continuing the
      > restriction of my right to Keep and Bear Firearms.
      > Therefore, when Judge Candee arrived and called my case, DA McCamy
      > arose and stated that there was "no way" the State could meet its
      > burden of proof that I "would not be likely to use firearms in a
      > and lawful manner."
      > The court then granted my request and my right to keep and bear arms
      > has been restored by written order, signed by the Judge and
      > to me before I left the courthouse that day.
      > ----------------------------------------
      > On June 24th, 2003, I recieved a bill from the County of Sacramento
      > Department of Health and Human Services for $560.98 for "CRISIS STAB
      > E.R. OVER 1 HR (MD)"
      > Two things now occur to me:
      > 1) In my research for the court date I learned that a civil suit may
      > be brought against persons filing a false report. Of course the
      > are excluded, so that explains why they needed the employee of the
      > tire store to state that he had seen me "go into traffic" (he
      > 2) The bill from the County helps explain why it was so important
      > them to delay my visit with the Doctor when I was in their custody.
      > Frankly, I had pretty much let this whole thing go after the court
      > date and subsequent restoral of my rights, but this bill for $560.98
      > now forces me to the civil action I am legally entitled to. It
      > is not right that I should be locked up overnight, forced to go to
      > court and now have to pay $560.98 for the "services" rendered - when
      > all I was doing was standing on a public street corner protesting
      > war against Iraq.
      > -------------------
      > June 30, 2003
      > Having sent a copy of the original letter describing the events of
      > April 26th via certified mail to my County Supervisor, Muriel
      > on April 29th, and hearing nothing from her in the two months
      since, I
      > called on Monday, June 30th to inquire what action she would take on
      > my behalf. I was told they were working on a response, but she was
      > of the office that day and would return the next day, Tuesday, July
      > 1st, and they would call me back.
      > I also called the Sherrif's office on this day to inquire what the
      > status of my formal complaint was. I was told someone would call me
      > July 1st, 2003
      > Having not heard from Ms Johnson or her office at 2:30 I called to
      > inquire what action she would take in response to my letter. I was
      > told that she was out of the office until July 17th. I explained
      > since the County had now sent me a bill for $560.98 the matter had
      > taken on a new urgency and that I would like to make an appointment
      > meet with her as soon as possible. I was told there were no
      > appointments until August to which I replied I would take what I
      > get. I was then told her assistant, Mary Anne Dann would have to get
      > back to me to set up an appointment. I left my number (again) and as
      > of today, July 3rd I have not heard from her.
      > Here is the e-mail I sent to follow up on my phone call:
      > Dear Supervisor Muriel Johnson - District 3, County of Sacramento,
      > I am following up on the Certified letter I sent April 29th
      > my involuntary confinement at the Sacramento County Mental Health
      > Crisis Center due to my protest of the war against Iraq.
      > I called your office on Monday, June 30th for your response to my
      > letter and was told you were out of the office until the following
      > day, Tuesday, July 1st, and that my call would be returned that day.
      > Not hearing from anyone by 2:30PM, I called today (Tuesday, July
      > to ask what action you would take in response to my letter. I was
      > you would be out of the office until July 17th. I explained that
      > the County had now sent me a bill for $560.98 for my 23 hour
      > involuntary confinement, the matter has become more urgent and
      > that I would like to make an appointment to speak with you directly
      > soon as possible.
      > I was then told that appointments were being set for sometime in
      > August to which I replied that I would take what I could get. I was
      > then told that your assistant, Mary Anne Dann, would get back to me
      > with a day and time that we could meet.
      > I hope you can meet with me about this soon, I am deeply concerned
      > that I am not allowed to protest in public against a war I am
      > convinced is not only illegal but also morally and spiritually very
      > wrong. It seems especially ironic that I have been mail and
      > tele-marketed to by various branches of the military to send my son
      > join them to "liberate" the Iraqis when the very liberty we are
      > supposedly bringing to them is not to be had here in my hometown.
      > Sincerely,
      > xxxxxxxxx
      > --------------------------------------
      > July 3, 2003
      > Lt. Roberts returned my call yesterday to inform me that they had
      > some paperwork, that he had left a message for me 2 weeks ago, and
      > that they had completed the investigation concluding the officers
      > acted properly because they had witnesses that said they saw me
      > altering the sign and going into the street. I told him I wanted to
      > confront the witnesses in civil court and would need their names and
      > addresses. He said that he wasn't sure, but thought that may be
      > priviliged information that I could not have, that I may have to
      get a
      > lawyer to obtain that information and it would be kept secret from
      > I asked when I would be getting the documentation of the
      > and results and he replied that he didn't know but probably in a
      > couple of weeks. I explained that now that the county had sent me a
      > bill for $560.98, I really needed to move the process along so that
      > could pursue the civil remedy available to me by law, namely that
      > persons filing a false report can be held liable for damages that
      > result from the false report. He said he understood and would check
      > with hid Captain to see what he could do to get a letter out as soon
      > as possible.
      > Happy Indpendence day, aren't we lucky we live in such a free
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