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Re: [Pagan Poets Society] between the night and day

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  • william zierfus
    i like that one. it rings of truth. william Papa wrote: Between the night and day. By George Papa G. Papathepoet@houston.rr.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 17, 2003
      i like that one. it rings of truth.


      Papa <Papathepoet@...> wrote:
      Between the night and day.

      By George "Papa" G.


      Rest my son, lay back, as I tell a simple tale.

      Tonight's story of gory glory.

      Will you close your eyes and pretend,

      under your feather comforter; upon your big brass bed?

      Yes, lend me your ears and hear

      the detailed truth of a demon child's life,

      far from Old Galveston Bay.

      The wind blew, singing refrain after refrain, about the coming rain.

      Sitting within the shadows, sat an Imp.

      A little male brat; a teen,

      his daddy's pain and his momma's whole world.

      Shame by name, he dreams of things to come.

      Savoring the flavor of tea and stale cookies,

      he listens to the waves crash.

      Splash after splash it sings.

      Tis the song of the sea. Calling him like a banshee,

      to comprehend the inane stain that it is to be vain.

      Lessons found and lost again, among the clouds and

      swirling shadows. Each containing a truth.

      Each longing to be free.

      Looking for fame, he strives to make

      his father proud. Never knowing he already was.

      Seeking applause instead loving praise,

      he misses the love given.

      Favoring the night, he hides with glee,

      in the lack of light, waiting to play,

      a round of the scare game.

      Through the gate that opens only for a moment,

      betwixt the worlds of the Gods and Devils,

      lies his reason for living, his cause.

      An arcane campaign to surround the renowned

      humans with twirling fear.

      Causing doubts amid the faiths of men.

      Thee and me, he wishes to make afraid, with sounds and flashes bright.

      Crowds screaming. Fears flowing. Oz gone wrong,

      like an Ozzy song, he runs and plays.

      Being who he was born to be.

      Truly free.

      In the here and now, at one with the "One,"

      he lives his life in the moment; in an instant,

      between the night and the day...

      If we could just be that free.

      Papa G � Sunday, June 15, 2003

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