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Re: Amaranthine -- A Poem for My Lover

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  • Vicky <wiccavic@juno.com>
    Beautiful. Vicky ... wheat. ... alive.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 20, 2003
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      --- In paganpoetssociety@yahoogroups.com, "Gina Theresa DaVisto
      <gaiadamselfly@y...>" <gaiadamselfly@y...> wrote:
      > I wanted to share this poem for all the lovers out there, for all
      > those in happy loving relationships and all those who aspire to
      > have one some day. I share this poem to remind all who read it
      > of their divinity and their grace, for what I see in him, I see in
      > myself, I see in all.
      > So Mote it Be
      > I call it....
      > Amaranthine
      > My Lover like the wind between the trees on a warm summer
      > night. like sweet breath that flows, freely and carefree.
      > my lover on wings of the hawk carrying wisdom and grace and
      > joy, my lover like the first wisps of dawn in a field of wild
      > a mind full of wit and flashes of brilliance.
      > my lover east my lover air
      > My Lover like the warmth of the hearth, cozy warm cheeks and
      > blankets of healing love.My lover protecting, giving reassurance, I
      > feel safe. my lover bright Sun God lover. male and virile and
      > My lover passion. Passion Lover. Hot heat fiery passion.
      > rising flames swell deeply stirring my soul my sprit my flames
      > rise. Smokey lusty fiery passion generates gently between
      > So Warm So Warm so Wonderfully Warm.
      > my lover south my lover fire.
      > My Lover like pools of soft flowing waters. Clean spilling water
      > cool waters swelling. washing splashes of healing waters on my
      > brow. my lover splashes my lover stirs
      > my lover swells within. his tides gently draw me out and into
      > and i become i embrace. my lover dancing droplets of dew
      > drenching the dandelions of my soul. Nurturing nectar...
      > dreamy starry night skies. my lover in the moon.
      > my lover west, my lover water.
      > My Lover like the strength of the mountains. my lover multi
      > faceted rough soft jagged rolling hills rolling over and over my
      > lover. steady beat heart beat my love.
      > Pulsing shifting changing becoming more. wise my lover, wise
      > shaman man, walking sticks and beating paths.
      > My lover dusty feet feeling mossy forrest floors.
      > My lover dance dance pound dance. My lover moves me moves
      > changes moves me.
      > My lover turquoise stones and rich dark eyes. soil eyes soil
      > hands hard movable soft earth toned body. My lover brown earthy
      > powdered brown.
      > my lover clay. ancient tree knowledge rooted deep,
      > my lover north, my lover earth.
      > Written By: Gaia Damselfly
      > for her husband, her partner, her love -- Turtle Sun.
      > Feb 2003
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