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Student suspended in Waxahachie TX for wearing pentacle

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    ... From: H. Lanier Fortune II Newsgroups: tx.religion.pagan,alt.pagan.contacts,alt.pagan,alt.wicca Sent: Friday, August 30, 2002
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      Newsgroups: tx.religion.pagan,alt.pagan.contacts,alt.pagan,alt.wicca
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      Subject: BNB_News - 08.27.02 - Student suspended in Waxahachie TX for
      wearing pentacle

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      > Rebecca Moreno, age 15, a freshman at Waxahachie High school, in
      > Waxahachie, Texas, was suspended from school this week for refusing
      > to remove her pentacle that is banned by the school district dress
      > code.
      > Laura, her mother, contacted Bryan Lankford, Interfaith Director for
      > Betwixt & Between Community Center and Covenant of the Goddess in
      > Texas in regards to this situation.
      > Bryan spoke with Ms. Moreno and then contacted our local ACLU
      > representative Rick Lannoye.
      > Mr. Lannoye also made contact with Ms. Laura Moreno when the school
      > officially suspended Rebecca August 26th, 2002.
      > When the school refused to let Rebecca return to school unless she
      > removed her pentacle, Laura let the media, chamber of commerce in
      > Waxahachie, and even the Mayor know what was going on.
      > From our experience with the Dallas Independent School Districts
      > Religious Task force we have a publication issued by the First
      > Amendment Center, "Finding Common Ground, A First Amendment Guide to
      > Religion and Public Education." Written by Charles C. Haynes, Ph.D.,
      > Oliver Thomas, Esp., Legal Editor, which defines the guidelines.
      > In 1995, the Department of Education and the Justice Department
      > drafted and sent a directive to Secretary of Education called
      > Guidelines on Religious _Expression in Public Schools.
      > The section of Religious _Expression in Public Schools reads as such:
      > http://www.ed.gov/pubs/commonground/sld012.htm
      > Student Garb
      > Schools enjoy substantial discretion in adopting policies relating
      > to student dress and school uniforms. Students generally have no
      > Federal right to be exempted from religiously neutral and generally
      > applicable school dress rules based on their religious beliefs or
      > practices; however, schools may not single out religious attire in
      > general, or attire of a particular religion, for prohibition of
      > regulation. Students may display religious messages on items of
      > clothing to the same extent that they are permitted other
      > comparative messages. Religious messages may not be singled out for
      > suppression, but rather are subject to the same rules as generally
      > apply to comparable messages.
      > In our conversation with Ms.Moreno this morning she shares that
      > Rebecca has no intention of backing down in this matter.
      > We encourage you to show your positive support in this matter by
      > contacting the Waxahachie School District at following addresses and
      > phone number.
      > Waxahachie ISD
      > 411 North Gibson Street
      > Waxahachie, Texas 75165
      > Fax 972 923 4795
      > School Administration Building
      > (972)923-4631
      > Superintendent Dr. Bobby Parker Jr.
      > Email Bparker@...
      > Public Relations matters Candice Ahlfinger
      > Cahlfinger@...
      > Director of Safety and Security
      > Jerry McLemore JmcLemore@...
      > All correspondence of for Rebecca may be sent to her mother Laura at
      > witchie35@...
      > In Dallas television stations have covered the story on Fox4 and NBC.
      > We await further developments as Laura files an official grievance
      > with the Waxahachie School district concerning the matter of
      > Rebecca's suspension.
      > You can view at the footage from NBC covering the story and there
      > vote in their on line survey as well at:
      > http://www.nbc5i.com/news/1639193/detail.html
      > For general community information, complaints of discrimination in
      > school districts such as this may be filed with the Justice
      > Department at the following web address:
      > http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/edo
      > We will send updates as the Laura's story unfolds.
      > Together we can do everything,
      > Maeven Eller
      > Betwixt & Between Community Center
      > www.betwixt.org
      > Dallas, Texas
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