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920a song: Big Beautiful Sky...

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  • Savannah Skye
    Jun 1, 2002

      Big Beautiful Sky
      Oh sky, this morning I awake to you
      You're dressed in your pink ethereal beauty
      Making me want to float up to you inside a big buoyant
      to float around in your effervescent sky of
      colorful scapes...
      Here I come, I'm floating up in my bubble to float
      around inside of

      To float around inside of you
      So I can find
      My absolute mind
      That will let me trip
      Outside the borders of my cosmic flip

      chorus 1:
      Oh big beautiful sky
      Your heavens will melt into a lavic liquid sky
      They will drop ecstasy into me that will open my 3rd
      blind eye
      and make my 5 senses cry

      Then when I make it to the middle of this day,
      look up and see you full of your blue glory
      that tells me your true story...
      and I ask of you.?.
      Oh sky, let me turn the world upside down -
      so I can dive into your aqua azure pool and
      swim around in your vast empty openness
      Swim around in your vast open emptiness...

      Swim around in the now
      Of your blue how
      That's shootin' me like a star
      Fillin' me with your blue elixir
      That's givin' my soul a stir

      chorus 2:
      Oh big beautiful sky
      Your heavens are melting into a lavic liquid sky
      Giving me ecstasy, opening my 3rd blind eye
      waking up my 5 senses, making them cry

      Then I see you out of the corner of my eye
      See your clouds passing by that make me
      want to take a giant leap into
      your sky's realm so I can jump from
      one white fluffy cloud to the next...
      So I can jump...jump...jump...from one white fluffy
      cloud to the

      Feel me, I'm jumping from cloud to cloud
      Where I'm falling
      Falling into your soft hands of love
      In your realms above

      chorus 3:
      Oh big beautiful sky
      Your heavens have melted into a lavic liquid sky
      Ecstasy has opened my 3rd blind eye
      all my 5 senses have fully cried

      Then it comes to the night
      and the sun is out of sight
      I step outside and make a wish that I could fly
      thru the spiraling path of your Milky Way...
      I'm spiraling thru your Milky Way...

      Flyin' thru your milky way
      Where I wish I could stay
      So I never again have to find
      My soul being lost in this daily grind

      chorus 4:
      Oh big beautiful sky
      Your heavens will soon melt again into a lavic
      liquid sky
      With ecstasy that will open my 3rd blind eye
      makin' all my senses cry

      by savvy...

      Look to the indigenous peoples for the answers,
      for they are the chosen ones...

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