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585Returned and Rejuvinated

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  • soporlupus
    Oct 2 11:51 PM
      Well, I must say that I did not expect to have to
      spend so much time reading when I returned. I am very
      pleased to see that there are new members, and I send my
      warmest Greetings to all. <br>The new works I have read
      are wonderful, some very nice imagery. <br>There is
      nothing that sets me back on my path like 3 weeks in the
      woods. The only regret is returning to the city I loath.
      I would like to post something that I wrote while I
      was in <br>La Ronge, sitting in a laundromat.
      Untitled.<br>I hope you like them LONG.<br>--<br>Here I sit,
      staring out through the metal mesh window.<br>Staring out
      at the concrete field and a wavy, aliminum
      wall.<br>There, over there beyond the noise and ever present
      odor,<br>The odor of a growing city, even one surrounded by
      Wood.<br>Over that building, the green stretches on and ever
      on.<br>Miles of peace and sanctuary denied me by steel
      tall.<br>--<br>There I roam, heedless of the burden of mortal
      life.<br>Heedless of the humanistic flaws and ever reigning
      fear.<br>Reigning over all claw footed creatures, so powerful am
      I.<br>Wielding lordly power, but not lording it over
      head.<br>With iron claw and razor tooth, the four foot pay
      heed.<br>For I am the Hunter, the Predator, the Slayer of
      deer.<br>--<br>Where I charge, none may deny me my Thunder Hoof
      right.<br>Charge, as only the Mighty Horn may, I do this and
      command.<br>And command of the herd is my given and hard won
      right.<br>I protect her and guide her to food, water and
      security.<br>The Wood provides the sanctuary that I in Great
      Wisdom use.<br>For it is War, He and I, for domination
      and survival in our fair land.<br>--<br>Why I glide
      so high up in the sky, so few shall ever know.<br>So
      high in the heavens, the legged remain blissfully
      unaware.<br>Unaware that their struggles are very nearly for
      naught.<br>The Skies are my playground, the Seas are my
      dinnertable.<br>Both Wood and Plain provide me with endless, endless
      hours of Joy.<br>None may question my soveriegnty, No,
      not a single one would dare.<br>--<br>When silently I
      slide through the darkened Depth.<br>Silently I elude
      frail attempts at my capture and demise.<br>I in turn
      capture the minds of so few, they think we are
      oblivious.<br>Only because I choose my Primal Home, rather than Land
      or Wood.<br>Truth be known, I rule them all, though
      none would admit.<br>I am the Ruler, the Lord and
      King, and above them I shall rise.<br>--<br>How
      wonderfully deluded they do seem, they my young
      children.<br>Deluded into visions of Grandeur, envisioning an
      unbreakable chain.<br>Yet the young will play as only the
      young may, sweet in their ferver.<br>Struggle and
      scheme, plot and plan to rule both neighbor and
      foe.<br>Ever and ever on to rise and fall and rise up again
      and again.<br>Children, who will eventually Mature,
      Repent, and My favour regain.<br>------<br><br>May you
      find your Path solid beneath your
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