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2792Pandora's Song

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  • Lanaia
    Dec 4, 2011
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      A box, given to me, but I was told not to open it
      My soul is overpowered by curiosity
      Like a beacon containing light needed to be fed with fuel to keep it lit
      Curiosity, has just nagging at me, it to needs to be fed, to keep me abreast of curiosity's pit.

      I am Greek, the Gods told me not to open, but curiosity is getting the best of me
      I try everything so I won't think about the box that was given to me
      Trying so hard, but the thought is still there, there to plague me until I see
      See, inside the mysterious box, given to me but why?

      Zeus, the father of everything and all we see
      Why did he and the others give me curiosity?
      The box, from it I just wish to flee
      But for curiosity's sake this will never be.

      This feeling never felt before, is eating away at my very soul
      I wish I could escape from this thing, but the more I fight, the more I'm drawn to the box
      I'm at the place, my will is getting weak, I had no idea opening the box would take such a toll
      This feeling is making me think sneaky things, just like a fox.

      I feel as if the Gods have abandoned me, as I try to fight this feeling on my own
      I turn away but the box beckons me
      The more I struggle, the curiosity has only grown
      This feeling will not let me flee

      Finally, I lose to curiosity, I open the box and what happens next, it is all my fault
      After opened, plague, sickness, disease, and bad luck, to man make themselves known, they will be on earth so very long
      I try to close it, capturing one thing, that mankind has always sought
      So I sing my song, wanting to present earth with what is left in the box, hope.

      Lanaia Lee