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24An introduction and a poem

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  • typ0_negative
    Dec 4, 1999
      Hello. My craft name is Belladonna, my real name
      is Amber. Call me what you will. This is one of my
      first attempts at Pagan poetry, so please bear with
      me!<br>Blessed be.<br><br>"Matches"<br><br>I eat babies.<br>I
      dance seductively naked beneath a silver
      moon,<br>Offering up my body and my soul to Satan.<br>I board a
      broom at dusk<br>And go off in search of souls to take
      with me<br>To the Hell to which I am most certainly
      damned:<br>A Hell in which I do not even believe<br>--A direct
      result of my own black core, you inform me.<br>I deny my
      involvement with Satan and black magick and eyes of
      newts,<br>But you, Good Christian, have set me straight,<br>And
      reminded me that the Devil does indeed work in mysterious
      ways, just like your God,<br>And that I most certainly
      do worship him!<br>�I just didn't know it�<br>Thank
      you for enlightening me,<br>Righteous possessor of
      judgement. <br>And on top off all these sins I seem to be
      stricken with a severe case of amnesia,<br>For I do not
      recall any of these "sins" that you so helpfully accuse
      of.<br>But I am grateful for your guidance,<br>For, without
      you, I could have gone on living my dirty little
      life,<br>And not even realizing the filthiness of it
      all!<br>So now, as you fasten my hands behind my back,<br>I
      see the error of my ways and thank your God that I am
      free from the restraints of the Old Religion, the
      Craft of Wise.<br>As you allow children to poke sticks
      into my bleeding flesh,<br>I shall pray to and suffer
      for your God -<br>The God of judgment and
      righteousness and mercy and forgiveness.<br>I will vow to walk
      the path of your God,<br>As the flames begin to
      tickle my sin-stained feet.<br>I will cough out praise
      to your Lord,<br>As thick black smoke fills my mouth
      and throat.<br>I will know the scent of your
      Hell,<br>As the stench of my own charred flesh enters my
      nose.<br>And as you scream obscenities at me,<br>I shall cry
      tears of regret and tears of joy that I have now heard
      the word of your God.<br>I shall pray that I may be
      forgiven for my sins<br>By your Holy God, he who told his
      children<br>That it was okay to play with matches.
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