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  • Darknyss Herself ~
    Apr 12, 2006
      Witches Sister

      Eyes of the dark,
      Hands of power,
      Born from the soul, in the witching hour.

      Strongest of mind, body and soul,
      The Witches Sister takes total control.

      As darkness does settle,
      On the nights wings,
      Her eyes will captivate, mystify and deceive.

      Words with no meaning echo in the night,
      For her words are of power,
      With devilish delight.

      To cross her path can be both greatness and dread,
      For the Witches Sister, may call upon the dead.

      They are her prisoners, her workers, her slaves.
      One call from her and you might see your final day.

      Her eyes burn with fire,
      Her heart cold and black,
      She is pure evil, the darkest in fact.

      She roams through the night,
      On angels black wings,
      She is the Witches Sister,
      She controls all dead things.

      If you do meet her,
      Be well aware,
      The Witches Sister is far from the fair.
      She'll capture your heart,
      Your soul, and your mind.
      She is the Master of Craft,
      Throughout all of time.

      © Darknyss Herself ~

      Darknyss Herself ~

      The Darkness Within

      Incense, Bath, and Body by Dark Moon Creations
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