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1904Poem: "Grow More Trees"- An Imp. Message for writers/poets !

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  • Nikhil Parekh
    May 9, 2005
      Hello all bountiful patrons in this mesmerizing group

      Well I�m fortunate enough to salvage yet another opportunity to share one of
      my poems on Environment Conservation with all of you in this group message
      of mine.

      This poem : �Towards a Greener Planet-Grow More Trees� , it is on
      environment/wildlife conservation and my earnest attempt towards a more
      greener/healthier and prosperous planet. I hope you take them in the same
      light, that would tremendously inspire me .

      This Poem "Towards a Greener Planet-Grow More Trees" can be read on the
      Internet at the Association of Young Journalists and Writers, Universal
      Journal, USA at the link: http://ayjw.org/authors/nikhilparekh.php?id=58077
      , so click on the link: http://ayjw.org/authors/nikhilparekh.php?id=58077 to
      read this poem of mine.

      Also, I don�t know whether it�d be permissible here to share or not. Please
      excuse me if it isn�t.
      I have discovered this organization Whisperpoetry which hosts one of the
      World�s richest poetry competition in South Africa and invite entries from
      poets/writers, across the world. I�ve won their monthly prize and stand in
      contention for their grand prize, which is one of the richest poetry prizes
      globally. Any likeminded poets from this wonderful group can apply for their
      contest directly online at: http://www.whisperpoetry.com/nikhil%20page7.html
      (International Link for application) and can salvage a chance for the
      monthly as well as grand prize, from Whisperpoetry.

      Comments/Feedbacks on my poems always welcome at: nikhilparekh99@...
      , coolnick90@...

      God bless you all with unprecedented happiness. May every ghastly impediment
      that dares tread your way, forever become mine.
      Nikhil Parekh
      http://www.nikhilparekh.com - My poetry website