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1698forever dreaming

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  • Papa
    Apr 8, 2004
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      Forever dreaming

      by George "Papa" G.


      Accosted by doubts about what is owed to Karma's scales,

      like a lost fish tossed by an angry sea, I flee Ceasar's theme.

      A clever endeavor, I believe, to save my self-esteem,

      the scope of extreme hopes not with standing I fantasize

      of the gleam in the eyes of the supreme.

      Dragons, an egg or just the Id, who dreams of who?

      Questions asked in the dark of night,

      as answers come from the light.

      However, the visions of an elf screaming, seem to me

      a delusion of conceited wishes. Mine.

      Ever the poet, I whine as I seek salvation from myself,

      within the romance of a skyclad dance along the moonlit bay.

      Inside the man, behind the scars and tattoos, while in a

      fancy trance, I am who I always wished to be. Free.

      Forever dreaming, I am.

      Papa G © Thursday, April 08, 2004

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