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Re: [PaganHeathenPreppers] What Are You Prepping For? (Was: Re: Fell Off The Planet)

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  • Patrick Callahan
    Hey Kate...     Like you, we re also prepping for any big one , although where we currently live an earthquake will probably be the culprit unless a
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 27, 2013
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      Hey Kate...
          Like you, we're also prepping for any "big one", although where we currently live an earthquake will probably be the culprit unless a financial catastrophe hits first.  We would actually stay where we live now if it weren't for the really high taxes and cost of living in general.  As you may have guessed we're in CA, (central coast in our case) and the San Andreas runs just north/south just across the valley from us (about 15 miles as the crow flies due east).  There's a small fault that runs north/south right across the road along the Salinas river right out our front door (maybe 300 yds away) but it hasn't done anything in recent history (last 100 years).  The weather is awesome, no snow except in the higher elevations (usually above 3000 ft) and the temp is fairly moderate.  We do get hard freezes now and again but they're rare and we haven't seen 100 degrees in I don't know when...mostly stays between 70-90 for 8 months out of the year.  Guess that's why this area is known as the Salad Bowl of the World and is the "new" wine country in CA, although they've grown wine grapes here since the 50's.  Anyway, we love it but it's just not tenable if prices/taxes keep going up and water is soon going to become a MAJOR issue for everyone in this state.  Like I mentioned before, my wife will gain 18% on her retirement income just by leaving this state...that's what the tax rate on it is right now.  So we're looking...a friend mentioned the Kanab, Utah area and it really is beautiful there, but I think the neighbors might be a bit nervous with pagans moving in and the last thing we want to deal with are "witch burnings" either figuratively or, gods forbid, literally.  We're also in our mid-later 50's and healthcare availability etc. are looming issues for us so we're looking to be near a major city (preferably a University/College town) but a major medical center is important to us.  Alamosa, CO is one area we're looking at as well as Wyoming and Montana...although all three of those states have major earthquake potential too.  I guess it will all come down to choosing which "demon" we'd feel most comfortable having to live with...and if nothing else, we know earthquakes well.

      Peace on you Path,  Patrick


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