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Re: [PaganHeathenPreppers] Re: Are you ready?

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  • Patrick Callahan
    I m a bit south of most of you (north end of the Salinas valley) so we don t expect to get nearly as much wind or rain as they re forecasting for you folks. 
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 13, 2012
      I'm a bit south of most of you (north end of the Salinas valley) so we don't expect to get nearly as much wind or rain as they're forecasting for you folks.  However we do live in an area along a river that collects all the run-off from the Santa Lucia's and we definitely get flooded from time to time...or at least the roads around us get closed.  We're high enough that the river hasn't ever reached us but we do get isolated.  Last year (also about this time in March) we spent almost a week waiting for the river to subside
      so we could get to town...we were cut-off on both ends by the same river.  We're ready...batteries, gas, "witchy" candles on stand-by as well as Yahtzee, Monopoly, Scrabble, checkers etc. ready to go. 

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      I used to live in the Pacific NorthWet, P. I still miss it, even the rain. Now, I'm in central coastal mountains in California, where rain is expected, but has been missing all winter long this year. What worries folk here is that maybe 3 months of winter rain might all try to come in one week. That tends to wash out, well, everything. Roads, power, land lines. (this is where all those witchy candles come in REALLY useful!) I just restocked the gas cans for the generator last week, too. (go, me!) I think I'll go to the library tomorrow, and stock up on non internet related entertainment.

      I worry about my roof, too. When we bought the house, two years ago, they said the roof was "at the end of its useful lifespan". In other words, "get a lot of pots and pans!". It hasn't leaked much yet, which is good, because I got a quote about replacing it, came to about $18,000. Ouch. I do not have that, or anything resembling that.


      --- In PaganHeathenPreppers@yahoogroups.com, Phoenix <quimpers@...> wrote:
      > We've gotten a bit battered in the PNW, but nothing that far out of
      > normal. Though...windstorms are normal here, and I live in the
      > Olympic rainshadow. ;-)
      > However, we *do* have a roof "situation" that can't be adequately
      > addressed until the dry season. :-(
      > As long as the back yard doesn't flood again this year, we're good, I guess.
      > --P.

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