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ACTION Ostara 2011 is ready

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    ACTION Ostara 2011 ( with new features ) is ready. ACTION is the official newsletter for Alternate Religions Education Network New Improved ACTION Ostara 2011
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2011
      ACTION Ostara 2011
      ( with new features ) is ready.

      ACTION is the official newsletter
      for Alternate Religions Education

      New Improved ACTION Ostara 2011

      How to get to all issue of ACTION
      Upper right corner of page.

      Go to the above address and you will
      have two choices of either pre 2011 or
      2011 The old issues run the same as
      before, read on line or send in for a PDF copy.

      You can read on line. The online version
      is in book form with turning pages. You
      can also print it out a page or the whole
      thing. The controls move to the top of
      the page under the V. Press on it and you
      have a whole range of controls. You can
      magnify for people with poor eye and
      them move the page around with the
      hand control.

      ACTION Remains free to all who wish the
      read it.

      Remember to suggest what Wiccans, Witches,
      Druids, Heathens or magical practitioners that
      you would like me to interview for next issue.
      I will need an e-mail contact address for the
      person to be interviewed and some back ground
      information about why you think this person is
      interesting to you. Background information can
      be a the person's web page. Send you suggestions
      to me at: myrddin@...

      Here is what we have for you this issue

      Page 2
      A Heathen Graphic Designer
      Interview with
      Æsctun Þórolf Vinðlér-Lókasson
      Æsctun proves to be a talented artist who is
      not afraid of controversy.

      Page 5
      Phygianum of the Maetreum of Cybele
      Wins a Court Case
      Interview with Cathryn Platine
      The judge has harsh comments for the Catskill,
      NY town attorney for his methods of denying
      this group their religious property tax exemption.

      Page 8
      Ethnoecology, ethnobotany,
      Delicious Habitat
      Interview with Ned Philips-Jones
      Learn new terms as Ned explains his way of fitting
      gardens to both the people and place using useful
      and edible plants.

      Page 12
      Wizard, Healer, Alchemist Community Builder
      Interview with Mark Mandrake
      Find out what it takes to become a wizard and
      what one does in the Pagan community.

      Page 15
      Chief Adept/President
      The Society of The Astral Star
      Interview with Fr. Pneuma (Michael W. Humphrey)
      I learn about a Christian magician who created
      a magical group at age sixteen and then grew it,
      with some early members, into a serious magkical
      lodge that has lasted for over 30 years.

      Page 26
      The Ringing Anvil
      Interview with Shauna Aura
      Shauna Aura, is the founder of Ringing Anvil, a
      Chicago based organization, that offers festivals,
      conferences, classes and workshops for Pagans.

      Page 34
      Six Crows Alliance
      Interview with Linda
      Margaret Ritz White
      Linda created an organization in Twin Lake,
      Michigan that works with all traditions to provide
      place for education, and gatherings., including
      has one free gathering, and provides a children's camp.

      Page 43
      My Eyes and Ears in Our Communities
      By Christopher Blackwell

      Another issue is put to bed, but it was a difficult one.
      One because I did not get as many suggestions from
      you, the readers, and two because this proved to be
      a very busy time for our interviewees.

      Christopher Blackwell
      Editor of ACTION
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