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ACTION Imbolc 2011 is now ready with new features.

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    ACTION Imbolc 2011 ( with new features ) is ready. ACTION is the official newsletter for Alternate Religions Education Networks New Improved ACTION starting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2011
      ACTION Imbolc 2011
      ( with new features ) is ready.

      ACTION is the official newsletter
      for Alternate Religions Education

      New Improved ACTION starting
      with this issue Imbolc 2011

      Upper right corner of page.

      Go to the above address and you
      will have two choices of either pre
      2011 or 2011.

      The old issues run the same as
      before, read on line or send in
      for a PDF copy.

      Starting with the Imbolc issue this
      year you can read on line. The
      online version is in book form with
      turning pages. You can also print it
      out a page or the whole thing. The
      controls move to the top of the page
      under the V. Press on it and you have
      a whole range of controls. You can
      magnify for people with poor eye
      [ like me] and them move the page
      around with the hand control.

      ACTION Remains free to all who wish
      the read it.

      Remember to suggest what Wiccans,
      Witches, Druids, Heathens or magical
      practitioners that you would like me
      to interview for next issue. I will need
      an e-mail contact address for the
      person to be interviewed and some
      back ground information about why
      you think this person is interesting to
      you. Background information can be
      a the person's web page. Send your
      suggestions to me at:

      Here is what we have for you this

      Page 2
      The Priestess lives at the Temple
      Interview with Candace Ross, Priestess

      Find out about the Temple of Goddess
      Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet in
      Nevada and the priestess who lives
      there and the idea of a gifting economy .

      Page 6 Gyðja of Kenaz Kindred
      Interview with Mist

      Learn about the Gyðja of an Ásatrú
      kindred, an author, and about being
      Heathen in Canada.

      Page 14
      Of two cultures, Witch,
      Priest and Author
      Interview with Gede Parma

      A blend of Bali and Celtic culture, and
      a Witch in Australia, this young man
      is already an author of three books.

      Page 20
      Pagan Books, Classes, Gatherings and Interfaith
      Interview with authors River and
      Joyce Higginbotham

      Here is an active couple in the midwest,
      who are teachers, authors and have
      created gatherings in the St. Louis

      Page 24
      Businesswoman and Priestess
      Interview with Estelliane Kermagoret

      Born in Korea, raised in Brittany, France
      and living in England, she had a haunting
      childhood vision of being a priestess.
      She is also a business woman who can
      provide practical business help or mystical

      Page 26
      Women Spiritual Retreats, Activism and
      Interview with Angie Buchanan

      One of our more active Pagan women,
      she was raised in a old Pagan family,
      founder of two groups Gaia's Womb, a
      women's organization, and Earth Traditions,
      a Pagan church, she is also on Board of
      Trustees for the Council for a Parliament
      of the World's Religions since 2002. In the
      past She has taken part Public Relations
      Director for the Lady Liberty League and
      taken part in work that was done by the
      Lady Liberty League to secure the pentacle
      as a symbol for the headstones and markers
      of our deceased Pagan veterans.

      Christopher Blackwell
      Editor of ACTION
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