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LLL ACTION ALERT: Uphold Pagan Rights at Sept. 12Festival

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  • Paula/MamaCat
    Lady Liberty League Action Alert: Thursday, September 10, 2009   UPHOLD PAGAN RIGHTS at September 12 Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival On Saturday,
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      Lady Liberty League Action Alert:
      Thursday, September 10, 2009
      UPHOLD PAGAN RIGHTS at September 12 Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival

      On Saturday, September 12, 2009, the Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival
      will be held from 10 am - 6 pm at Stroudtburg Village, an oldtime
      European-styled hamlet shopping area in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.  A schedule
      of Festival activities and other info is on-line:

      The Festival is being sponsored by the Reading Pagans and Witches, a
      non-profit organization which has been successfully sponsoring Pagan events
      in the region since its founding in 2004:

      The intended purpose of the Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival is to
      bring Pagans of many paths together for education, celebration, and
      community outreach.

      However, this Festival is now also becoming a public stand to uphold Pagan
      rights and religious freedom.

      Over the past week, discrimination against this event and prejudice against
      Paganism and the Craft has surfaced: 

      * Some of those who operate shops in the venue during times it has been
      rented by other groups have publicly announced that they will not be open
      during this event due to their opposition to Paganism.  More details have
      been published in a recent article in a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
      newspaper: http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/241820

      *  Furthermore, a group of Christian pastors opposed to the Festival and
      Paganism have begun a series of anti-Pagan gatherings and prayer sessions
      with their congregations:  http://www.gatewayprayer.com/religion/.  In
      addition, they plan to show up at the Festival as protesters.

      Festival organizers, with the support of the Lady Liberty League and others,
      are continuing with their plans to holdthe Celebrating Earth Spirituality
      Festival, and they need your help!
      How to Help:

      (1) ATTEND:  take part in some or all of the Festival.  Celebrate Paganism
      and Pagan religious freedom throughout the day.  Be part of a peaceful Pagan
      presence.  Be polite.  Dress conservatively.  Don't argue with protesters.

      (2) ATTUNE:  spiritually connect with the Festival from wherever you are.
      Send blessings in advance as well as while it is going on.  Send blessings
      of peace, understanding, protection, and success to the Festival, Festival
      organizers, and Festival participants.

      (3) WELL WISHES: email words of support and blessings to the Festival
      organizers: support@...

      (4) NETWORK:  Forward this call to action to e-lists, blogs, websites, and

      (5) STAY INFORMED:  For updates, visit Lady Liberty League on Twitter:
      http://twitter.com/ladylibertyleag and Facebook.

      Lady Liberty League is a Pagan civil rights and religious freedom
      organization sponsored by Circle Sanctuary.
      Contact:  Selena Fox, Executive Director LLL, liberty@...;
      (608) 924-2216

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