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Re: [Pagan-Headstone-Campaign] Re: Veteran's Day

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  • Tagni Lughnasadh
    In article 1 section 7 the US constitution mentions Sunday. Sunne is the Saxon Sun God honored every week on his day...sunday. The constitution also mentions
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 14, 2008
      In article 1 section 7 the US constitution mentions Sunday.  Sunne is the Saxon Sun God honored every week on his day...sunday.  The constitution also mentions in Amendment XX the word January which in Latin Janus which refers to our God Janus, the Roman god of doors and gateways.  The God Mars is also mentioned. In the Declaration of independence, they talk of nature's god.  Nature's god is what our nation is under.  Therefore there is nothing unpagan about the pledge to allegience.  Maybe those who do not want the word "God" to be said should not touch any of our green money since it says "In God we Trust".

      I was Chaplain for the American Legion up in New Jersey.  I wore my pentagram and did my chaplain duties as a pagan.  The American Legion post 327 had no problem with that.

      Since the pledge left school...I think it impacted our youth.  Their seems to be less patriots these days. God is with in me as Goddess is within many great females and In god I trust.

      Bright Blessings,


      David <celt3067@...> wrote:
      I was, at one time, a member of AL but decided not to renew after I
      received a letter and saw an article in their newsletter expressing
      support for "preserving the Pledge". Specifically. ..

      "-- The American Legion supports the Pledge of Allegiance in its
      current form and is adamantly opposed to any and all attempts to
      revise it beyond the version that was approved by the Congress of the
      United States in 1954.
      -- The American Legion is opposed to the ruling by certain liberal
      federal judges who have declared the reciting of the Pledge of
      Allegiance in our nation's schools to be unconstitutional because of
      its references to God."
      Source - http://www.legion. org/documents/ legion/pdf/ mp_americanism_ 08.pdf

      They offered a special pin for supporters that included a cross. The
      inference being that by removing those two words "under God", the
      Pledge itself was being jeopardized. As a non-Christian and as
      somebody living in a country of diverse religions, I just can't
      support keeping those words in the Pledge. The suggestion is that we
      must pledge "under God" to be patriotic (non-Christian = non-Patriotic) .

      I praise the work they've done to support our troops and Veterans but
      have a problem supporting a group that is so strongly pro-Christian to
      the point of appearing to be a Christian troop support organization.
      I would more willingly support the AL if their message wasn't so
      promoting of Christianity.

      On the other hand, I don't see any of that with the VFW, an
      organization I'm proud to be a member of and support.

      As an aside, thanks to Dave for the message and the reminder of the
      difference between Veterans' and Memorial Days from Charles. I doubt
      most Americans understand the significance between the two.


      --- In Pagan-Headstone- Campaign@ yahoogroups. com, Connie <qitty@...> wrote:
      > Hello Charles,
      > One of these days, I would like to get involved in AL. We are
      members, but overseas. So now, I blog :-)
      > Thursday, November 13, 2008, 5:56:59 PM, you wrote:
      > CPA> --- In Pagan-Headstone- Campaign@ yahoogroups. com, "Dave" <indywiz@>
      > CPA> wrote:
      > >> Have a Great Veterans Day.
      > >> Don't forget to support our Pagan Brothers & Sisters who are in war
      > >> zones and in harms way.
      > >> In her service
      > >> Dave

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