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ACTION Samhain 2008 is ready

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    ACTION Samhain 2008 is ready for your enjoyment You don t have to be a member of AREN, eight editions a year, to read ACTION. Online you can read it at:
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      ACTION Samhain 2008 is ready for your enjoyment

      You don't have to be a member of AREN, eight editions
      a year, to read ACTION. Online you can read it at:


      Or you can download a PDF copy for print out at :

      ACTION is the Official newsletter for Alternate Religions
      Educational Network, [AREN]


      Here is what we have for you in this edition.

      Article 1

      Heathen Nation
      Interview with Jason Godwise

      Here I interview the founder of Heathen Nation, a group
      founded to help all the various Heathen folk stay in
      communication and be able to work together for the good
      of the entire Heathen community.
      Article 2

      Heathen Metal Rock Music
      Interview with Hauk

      This is my first interview with a Heathen Heavy Metal Rock
      musician who has a full classical musical training, and writes
      the lyrics, the music and is lead singer of the group Hauk.
      Learn how he blends music and his Heathen tradition
      together. He discusses what each of the other musicians
      brought to the group.
      Article 3
      Runes for Transformation
      Interview with Kaedrich Olsen

      Author, Godhi, and long time student of the runes, Kaedrich
      discusses his newly published book and what he believes to
      be a whole new look at the Runes.
      Article 4
      An Incident in Roswell
      Interview with Cindy Wilson

      Cindy Wilson lives in Roswell, New Mexico which can be a very
      conservative town and there had already one controversy about
      the Pentacle. The latest problem was what the local Catholic
      Church was teaching kids about Wicca that was the focus of her
      investigation. Learn how she and local Pagans have worked to
      deal with this situation.
      Article 5

      Discrimination or Not?
      Why not all cases get accepted.
      Interview with Selena Fox

      Selena Fox describes some of the reasons that Pagan
      organizations may take on one allege discrimination case and
      not another.. There is a reason why some cases will help the
      cause and others might not.
      Guest editorial

      How do you define "our enemies" though?

      Susan Granquist discusses the on going battle for Heathen
      Religion religious rights as well as some of the odd combinations
      of Heathen and non Heathen groups that have worked for it.

      Then our color cartoons:

      Selena's Dream by Diana Sesse

      The Many Moons of Astra by Glen Goldentree

      So I hope you will enjoy this edition and thank you for your time
      and consideration.

      Christopher Blackwell
      Editor of ACTION
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