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Update on War Protestors trial...

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  • Eric Roberts
    I was up at the DuPage County Courthouse this morning to show my support for Jeff and Sarah. Turns out that Sarah is one of our own. They were hoping that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2007

       I was up at the DuPage County Courthouse this morning to show my support for Jeff and Sarah.  Turns out that Sarah is one of our own.    They were hoping that the Herr Birkett would come to his senses and realized that he was stomping over their rights and dismiss the case.  Of course he didn’t.  Their next court date is October 15th at 9:30 for jury selection.  We had about 35 people out there this morning.  I would like to see more of, who can, to come out and support our sister in this.  Not that it will get him to change his mind, but feel free to write DuPage State’s attorney and remind him that actions like this will get him fired in 2008…feel free ;-).  Again…even if you don’t agree with their message, this is a direct assault on the Constitution and our right to express our ideas and our right to address issues we have with how our government is running our country.  This is OUR country.  Our government is there to serve us. I think they have forgotten this and they feel that they are like royalty.  This is symptomatic of the greater issue where we have “free speech zones” and a government that is increasingly becoming a shadow government that keeps things from the people rather than openly sharing like they should.  So come out and show your support, of if you can’t at least go visit the site and leave a comment showing your support for their actions.  Also, write to media outlets and let them know that this story is important to you.  The more people that write in, the more coverage this will get.  Most of the local news outlets can be contacted via the “contact us” link on their site.  CNN has the I-Report section that allows people to report news.







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