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Join in National Pentacle Quest Victory Celebration

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  • Paula/MamaCat
    CELEBRATE! Join in a National Celebration of the Veteran Pentacle Quest victory! Pagan Spirit Gathering June 17-24, 2007 Wisteria, near Athens, Ohio Register
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      Join in a National Celebration of the Veteran Pentacle Quest victory!

      Pagan Spirit Gathering
      June 17-24, 2007
      Wisteria, near Athens, Ohio

      Register by JUNE 6:

      Meet Roberta Stewart of Nevada and Karen DePolito of Utah, widows of Wiccan
      combat veterans each now honored with a gravestone with Pentacle on it
      recently issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

      Connect with leaders and activists from some of the many groups that were
      part of the Veteran Pentacle Quest, including:

      Selena Fox, John Machate, Celia, Angie Buchanan, G.T. Long, Jerrie
      Hildebrand, Charlene Suggs, Patrick McCollum, Paula Johnson, Bob & Georgette
      Paxton, Silverdrake, Windwalker, Debby Morris & Suzanne Krall, A.C. & Dave
      Aldag, Jill Medicine Heart Combs, J. Michael Akins, MoonFeather, David &
      Jeanet Ewing, Brad Stewart, Ally Peltier, Gypsy, Dr. John, Richard Briggs,
      David Sassman, Nels Linde & Judy Olson-Linde, Dennis Presser, Chip,
      Meadowyn, Bella Mahri, PathWalker, Shel, Joey, Michaelino, Ladyhawke, Nora
      Cedarwind Young, Vic Wright & Beth Drake, Dr. Dennis, Sir Joe and the
      Guardians of the Sacred Circle, some Pagan members of Americans United for
      Separation of Church and State and the ACLU, Order of the Pentacle members,
      and more!

      View the first national preview screening of the Quest documentary, "A Hero

      This film (http://www.herodenied.com), still in production, tells the story
      of Sgt. Patrick Stewart, the first Wiccan soldier killed in action in
      Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and the quest by his widow and
      others that finally got the Pentacle added to the VA's list of emblems that
      can be included on veteran gravestones it issues. (More details about the
      Quest & victory: http://www.circlesanctuary.org/liberty/veteranpentacle).

      By special arrangement, filmmaker Todd Berntson will be filming the PSG
      Quest thanksgiving and commemoration being held on Tuesday evening, June 19
      for possible inclusion in the final version of the documentary.

      If you wish, be in the main section of the audience that will be filmed that
      night for this movie!

      More than 850 Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, and other Pagans from across the
      nation are already making plans to be part of this year's Pagan Spirit
      Gathering (PSG).

      PSG 2007 includes presentations by guest authors Margot Adler, Christopher
      Penczak, Diana Paxson, Donald Michael Kraig, Patrick McCollum, and Selena

      This year there will be music by Pagan recording artists from around the
      nation, including Spiral Rhythm, Celia, Incus, Gypsy, One Hat Band, Skinny
      White Chick, Todd Alan, and others. GROOVE Troop will be facilitating
      Bonfire Circle dancing and drumming.

      In addition, there will be Summer Solstice rites, candlelight labyrinth,
      firespinning, sweatlodges, oracular seidh, croning, men's rite of passage,
      young womanhood passage rite, spirit hunt, priestess ordination,
      handfastings, women's and men's rites, fire circle, other rituals,
      networking meetings, tea dance, Pagan leadership training, youth programs,
      magical marketplace, and more.

      Descriptions of more than 250 program activities are now on-line:

      There is still time to register and be part of this historic Pagan
      celebration -- but do so soon -- registration closes next Wednesday, June 6.

      More Info:
      Pagan Spirit Gathering 2007
      Circle Sanctuary
      PO Box 9, Barneveld, WI 53507 USA
      telephone: (608) 924-2216
      fax: (608) 924-5961

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